2010 FSA Division II League Champions

Welcome to the 2016 Gator Season!


Schedule for 6/26-7/2

Here is the schedule for the upcoming week 6/26-7/2 (Please check your swimmer files on Tuesday at practice for the picture order form, Chipotle flyer and any ribbons)

No morning swim team practice Monday 6/26 or Wednesday 6/28

Regular morning practice Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Tuesday starts/turns stroke clinic:  9:45-10:15 (your swimmer must already be signed up to attend)

Wednesday 6/28:  Pictures, Pancakes and Water World
  • Swimmers need to wear their team swimming suit and bring a towel for pictures (as they may get in the water for pictures)
  • We will begin individual pictures at 7:30am.  Please have your order form completed.  There is a copy in your swimmer file or you can click here for an order form.
  • We ask all swimmers to be to the pool by 8:00am so we can begin lining up for our team photo
  • We need parent volunteers to help prepare and serve pancakes and bring items.  Please see the sign-up genius if you can help.
  • This is also the day our team goes to Water World.  Please know this is not required that you attend.  There will be no group transportation or adult supervision.  If you wish for your swimmer and/or family to attend please click on this link to purchase your discounted Water World tickets.  (Password is GMGators1).  Please note that you can purchase tickets through this link all summer long as these can be used any day.
Thursday 6/29:  Chipotle night 4-8pm (145 Union Blvd)
Support the swim club by eating at Chipotle on Thursday.  Mention Green Mountain Swim Club to give 50% back to the pool.  There is a flyer in your swimmers file about this event too.  You don't need this as long as you mention the pool when you check out.  

We don't have a meet the weekend of July 1st so we wish all swim team families a restful and safe weekend.


IMPORTANT Practice message

All swimmers please read:
There will be NO practice tomorrow for upper division swimmers (13-18).  The Gators wish fast swims to any swimmers swimming at the Ken Caryl Invitational.

Practice will be normal schedule for the 12 & under swimmers
10-12 year olds practice 8:00-9:00am
9 & unders practice 9:00-9:50am


Congrats Swimmers of the Week: Week 2

What overwhelming feedback we have gotten about our swimmers of the week.  It is great to see the positive messages on Facebook to remind these kids they are doing a great job.  Our swimmers are amazing!

Week 2 Male swimmer of the week:  Kai Langan
Kai is our male swimmer of the week for his excellent attitude and work ethic in practice.  Kai saw his hard work pay off this past weekend when he qualified for State in his 50 breaststroke, something he has been working toward the past two summers.  Every morning Kai comes to practice in a great mood with a positive attitude, something we as coaches love to see.  Keep up the great work Kai!

Week 2 Female swimmer of the week:  Emma Berg
Emma is the female swimmer of the week for her tenacity in leading lanes in practice and her support of other swimmers at this past meet.  Emma continues to be an excellent role model for our younger swimmers, both in her attitude in practice and her support for others.  In addition, Emma saw a 5 second drop in her 100 breaststroke this weekend, qualifying her for League.  Well done Emma!


A few friendly reminders

I just wanted to pass along a few friendly reminders (and some new information):

  • Big/Little buddies
    • It is such a good feeling to see our Big/Little buddies cheering for each other.  I had the pleasure of introducing some buddies to each other at the swim meet on Saturday and it was such a positive encounter.  The dialogue that was exchanged between these swimmer was amazing.  Keep cheering for each other.
    • We had an overwhelming response of swimmers who were participating in this program.  Because of this fact there were a few swimmers that were not included and I apologize for that.  If your name isn't on the swimmer buddy list please let me know and I will get this corrected.
    • After this week is over I would like all buddies to have met.  If you need to know who your buddy is please ask a coach or board member.
  • If swimmers will be participating in the Pentathlon or C/D meet this Sunday the online sign-up is posted.  The deadline to sign-up for these meets is Saturday at 10:00am.  The link to sign-up is on the right hand side of the blog.  If your swimmer is attending one of these meets we will need parents to volunteer.
  • No morning practice Monday, June 26th due to a busy weekend for our swimmers and coaches
  • No morning practice on Wednesday, June 28th due to our Picture, Pancake and Water World day
Good luck to all the Gators swimming this weekend!


Pictures, Pancakes and WaterWorld: June 28th

On Wednesday, June 28th we will have our annual Water World day which includes pictures and pancakes. I have listed below what this day will look like as well as the link to purchase discounted Water World tickets.

I wanted to give all the swimmer families (new and old) an idea of what our Pictures, Pancakes and Water World day will look like.  These fun activities are scheduled for Wednesday, June 28th.  Please note there is no regular morning swim  practice on this day.

Starting at 7:30am we will begin taking individual/buddy swimmer pictures.  There will be an order form in each swimmer folder next week and I have also included a link to the form here for you to review and complete.  Please have this form completed when you arrive.  At 8:00am we will begin our BIG team picture.  If you aren't getting individual pictures taken we ask you arrive no later than 8:00am so you can be included in the team picture.

While the pictures are being taken we will have people preparing Gatorcakes (green pancakes).  There will be a parent sign-up for parents to help cook and also bring some food.  

After the pictures have been taken and Gatorcakes have been eaten it is off to WaterWorld.  Please know this is not a required event.  Also know that there is no adult supervision so you will need to plan accordingly.  Below is a link and instructions on how to purchase discounted WaterWorld tickets.  Our team receives discounted tickets which can be purchased and printed online.

To purchase WaterWorld tickets please visit https://calypsoclub.waterworldcolorado.com/affiliate.asp?ID=50F8949F-61B1-4EE7-8F31-52797430F005.  Once on this page you will be prompted for a Password.  The password to purchase tickets is GMGators1.
You can purchase tickets for your family and friends to go on this day or any day in the 2017 season.

This is a fun team day and we look forward to seeing many of you next Wednesday. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Schedule 6/19-6/25

This week is full of practices and this weekend is busy with different meets for swimmers who are eligible to participate.

  • Morning practices Monday-Friday
  • Evening upper division (and parent practice) Tuesday and Thursday 8:00-9:00pm.  Please don't forget to let Porter know if you plan on attending
  • Breast stroke clinic Tuesday and Wednesday 9:45-10:15am.  Swimmers must be signed up to attend
  • June 23rd-June 24th:  Ken Caryl Invitational
    • This meet is for swimmers who have a specific qualifying time.  The swimmers participating in this meet have already been contacted and the entries have been submitted.  Swimmers can see what events they are swimming on the right hand side.  Also please note the days/times for each age group
    • If you have a swimmer participating in this meet there will be a Parent Volunteer sign-up posted as soon as we know our timing responsibilities.  We would appreciate your help volunteering.  
  • June 25th (Sunday):  Pentathlon @ Applewood Athletic Club
    • This meet is for swimmers who have a B or better qualifying time in 3 of the following 5 events:  freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly and/or IM.  If your swimmer wants to participate they will swim all 5 events (freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly and IM) at this meet.
    • A sign-up for this meet will be posted online if your swimmer wants to participate.  All entries must be received by 10am on Saturday morning.
    • pentathlon is a contest featuring five events. The name is derived from Greek: combining the words pente (five) and -athlon (competition).
    • If you have questions regarding is meet or eligibility questions please ask a coach or board member. 
    • This meet will be held at AAC (13330 W 20th Ave. Lakewood, CO).  This meet is scheduled to begin at 7:00am and warm-up times are TBD.
  • June 25th (Sunday):  C/D meet @ Splash 
    • This meet is for swimmers who have C/D times in one or more event.  If your swimmer is working on getting a B or better qualifying time this is a good opportunity.  Each swimmer can swim up to 3 individual events at this meet.  
    • Sign-up for this meet will be posted online on Monday.  If your swimmer wants to participate in this meet all entries will need to be completed by 10am on Saturday. 
    • If your swimmer is participating in this meet we will need the parents to volunteer for our teams timing responsibilities.  A parent volunteer sign-up will be posted soon.  
    • This meet will be held at Splash in Golden (3151 Illinois St, Golden, CO 80401).  This meet is scheduled to start at 7:00am and warm-up times are TBD.


Intrasquad II: June 21st

Here is some important information about our next Intrasquad meet.

  • This meet will be next Wednesday, June 21st 
  • Warm-ups at 5:00pm and meet starts at 5:30pm
  • Swimmers will be allowed to sign-up for 3 individual events.  This meet is a good opportunity to swim events they usually don't swim.
  • Event sign-ups are available at the pool and swimmers need to sign-up by the end of practice on Wednesday
  • Coach Porter is suggesting that if swimmers are swimming in the Ken Caryl Invitational meet they don't participate in the Intrasquad
  • Gator apparel will be sold (cash, check or credit cards accepted)
  • We will be offering dinner at the pool with pizza meals.  We will have pizza, cookies, chips and drinks available for purchase (cash and credit cards accepted)
  • Parents please sign-up to help volunteer at this fun team swim meet