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Swim Clinic Postponed Due to Rec Center Closure

The City of Lakewood announced today that the Rec Center would be closed March 14 - March 29.  We hope to resume swim clinic on Sunday 4/5.  If the Rec Center is open, we will be there!
Stay tuned....


Swim Clinic Update 3-12-19

1- We plan to have clinic as long as the Green Mountain Rec Center stays open and our coaches stay healthy.
2- That's it. Pretty simple.

If anything changes, we will alert you immediately. Short of that, we hope to see everyone on Sunday.
The City of Lakewood has released the following statement in regards to the rec centers:

Our facilities are currently open, with minimal activity cancellations.

All recreation centers, arts and cultural facilities, family services facilities and parks are open and most programming is continuing as scheduled.

We are taking extra precautions to protect residents and visitors from COVID-19 by disinfecting hard surfaces more frequently throughout our facilities.



Gator Spring Swim Clinic will start on Sunday 2/23.
Ages 11 and under; 5:00 - 6:00 pm
Ages 12 and up: 6:00 -7:00 pm
** note: we are moving the 12 year olds to the 2nd hour of clinic to spread out the number of swimmers more evenly. If your 12 year old needs to stay at the 5:00 pm time frame, that is OK.


Revised Clinic Dates

There has been a slight date change.  Jeffco Schools have a 4-day weekend on our first Sunday of spring clinic. Many families have indicated that they will be out of town and I wanted to be make sure that we started out strong.  The revised dates are as follows:

start week 1:  2/16 
start week 1:  2/23
week 2:  3/1
week 3:  3/8
week 4:  3/15
skip 3/22 due to spring break
week 5: 3/29
week 6:  4/5
skip 4/12 due to Easter
week 7: 4/19
week 8:  4/26
week 9:  5/3
last week 10: 5/10


Gators 2020 Spring Clinic

It's here.... Spring Swim Clinic!  The registration link is active and ready to go.

Registration link:  CLICK HERE
Cost:  $100 per swimmer for 10 weeks


start week 1:  2/16
week 2:  2/23
week 3:  3/1
week 4:  3/8
week 5:  3/15
skip 3/22 due to spring break
week 6: 3/29
week 7:  4/5
skip 4/12 due to Easter
week 8: 4/19
week 9:  4/26
last week 10:  5/3
Location: Green Mountain Rec Center
Details:  Join us for our 10-week session this spring. You do not have to be a current Gator to join the Spring Clinic.  Invite a friend and get those swim legs ready for summer fun in the pool 


Green Mountain Swim Club Black Friday Sale

The Green Mountain Swim Club's first sale for the 2020 pool season is near!  They will run a Black Friday Blowout Sale which will be limited in time and quantity.  Any purchased Black Friday Sale memberships will need to be paid via PayPal when signing up.  Please remember the price will never go down for a pool membership, so don’t miss the bargain price of the year, $395.00.   The membership prices will NOT be lower, and will only move up to full price as opening day approaches.


Only 4 days until the Fall Swim Clinic starts!

Sunday evening swims start this weekend, going through November 17th.  5:00-6:00pm at the
Green Mountain Rec Center.  Cost is $100.  Click here to register!