2010 FSA Division II League Champions

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Practice Tomorrow (June 22)

Just a reminder; no official upper division practice tomorrow morning due to the Ken Caryl meet. There is an optional practice at 8am and night practice tonight if people are looking for an extra workout/technique session.


Hi Parents,
Please sign up to volunteer at the Ken Caryl Meet, the Pentathlon and/or the C/D Meet. We are required to have timers at all meets and 1 Official (at the C/D Meet). All links are active on the right side of the blog for each event and are waiting for your name to be entered.  THANK YOU :)

GMSC is Hiring Lifeguards

GMSC is looking to hire a few more guards. Specifically guards that can work through the end of the season, Labor Day.  If you are interested please contact Shannon Baker (303.903.7041)


Pictures, Pancakes & WaterWorld

I wanted to give all the swimmer families (new and old) an idea of what our Pictures, Pancakes
and Water World day will look like.  These fun activities are scheduled for Wednesday, June 29th.
Please note there is no regular morning swim practice on this day.

Starting at 7:30am we will begin taking individual/buddy swimmer pictures.  
There will be an order form in each swimmer folder next week and I will also post a link to this
form on the blog.  Please have this form completed when you arrive.
At 8:00am we will begin our BIG team picture. If you aren't getting individual pictures taken we ask you arrive no later than 8:00am so
you can be included in the team picture.  Please make sure you wear your team swimming suit.

While the pictures are being taken we will have people preparing Gatorcakes (green pancakes).  
There will be a parent sign-up for parents to help cook and also bring some food.
Watch on the blog for this sign-up coming soon!

After the pictures have been taken and Gatorcakes have been eaten it is off to WaterWorld.  
Please know this is not a required event. Also know that there is no adult supervision so you
will need to plan accordingly.  Below is a link and instructions on how to purchase discounted
WaterWorld tickets. Our team receives discounted tickets which can be purchased and printed online.

To purchase WaterWorld tickets please visit:
https://calypsoclub.waterworldcolorado.com/affiliate.asp?ID=50F8949F-61B1-4EE7-8F31-52797430F005  Once on this page you will be prompted for a Password.  
The password to purchase tickets is GMGators.

You can purchase tickets for your family and friends to go on this day or any day in the 2018 season.

This link will also allow you to purchase discounted for Adventure Golf and Raceway, in case you
need something to do during the summer.

Swim Buddies! (Finally)

Hello Gators! I am finally getting around to posting the swim buddies so here they are.

Anastasia - Scarlett
Kati - Maddie
Taryn - Leah F
Kayla - Whitney
Emma N - Taetum
Marie - Lexi B
Lea G - Charlize
Emma B - Izzy
Megan - Teagan
Olivia - Mia, Lucy V
Lexi M - Kamiree
Anna - Jessa
Alia - Lily B
Lucille - Jensen
Maddy M - Lily S
Lexi L - Neva
Camille - Anisa
Brooke - Beth
Sammy - Taylor
Kimya - Addy

Will L - Everett, Ben S
Nathan - Nick
John - Dominic
Keagan - Kai
Brett - Charles
Harry - David, Jake S
Jack - Jakey
Kaden - Owen
Willam K - Eli
Riley - Noah


Reminders Week of 6/18

- Our 2nd Intrasquad is on Wednesday night. All swimmers have until the end of practice on Wednesday to sign up.  -- PIZZA!!! We will be selling pizza and soda at the intrasqaud meet. YUM!
- The Ken Caryl Invitational is on Friday/Saturday. Please check the blog later in the week for individual time entries and parent volunteer needs. We are still waiting to hear from the Meet organizers for final details.
- The C/D Meet is on Sunday: Swimmers have until Thursday at end of practice to sign up for this meet. It is an online sign up (right side of blog). We will need 4 timers and 1 official for this meet. Please sign up to help if you are attending.
- The Pentathlon is also on Sunday: Swimmers have until Thursday at end of practice to sign up for this meet. It is an online sign up (right side of blog). Please check back for parent volunteer needs. We are still waiting to hear from the Meet organizers for final details.
- Next week on Wednesday, June 27th:  Pictures, Pancakes and WaterWorld Day! More info to come soon, but please know that in lieu of practice we will have team and individual pictures, along with a pancake breakfast for all swimmers. For those who want to join us, we will then head up to WaterWorld for a day of fun. We will have a discount link posted soon for tickets, along with meet up details.


Swimmers of the Week (week of 6/11/18)

Female Swimmer of the Week: Camille Anderson
Camille was a champion of lane four this week, keeping on track with the intervals and completing the sets with her best effort. She consistently practices excellent technique and is a great example for her teammates. She crushed it at the meet, posting great times in the relays and her individuals and always followed any advice we gave her. Nice job Camille!

Male Swimmer of the Week: Everett Tompkins
Everett has been an excellent role model in the smaller 9-10 practice. He keeps up with the intervals and doesn't mess around when he is supposed to be swimming, giving it his all in every set. This showed in the meet when he dropped lots of time in his 50 back and 100 free. Also, everyone should be like Everett and come ask for advice before and after their races! Way to go Everett!


GMSC Parking Lot Closed Monday 6/18

The City of Lakewood is finishing up a paving job on Union. The parking lots will be closed on Monday 6/18. Please use the upper grass lot for swim practice. Thanks!


Gator Updates: Week of June 11 & June 18

We have a TON going on the next two weeks. Please read through and start planning. Many of these events require action on your part to sign up.

Saturday, June 16th:  GMST v. Gennesse @ GMSC  -- this is our last home meet for about a month. Genesse is small team, so the meet should end earlier than our previous meets. Your child has until the end of practice on Friday to sign up. Also, Gennese has requested a fun parent/coach relay in the middle of the meet. We are in need of 1 or 2 parents to step up and help us with this! Please email Danielle if interested.

Wednesday, June 20th:  Instrasquad #2 @ GMSC  -- sign up sheets will be put up for this event on Monday 6/18 and will be taken down Wednesday 6/20 after practice.

Friday/Saturday, June 22/23:  Ken Caryl Invitational Meet -- your child must qualify for this meet by getting Qualifying Times up to and during the Saturday meet against Gennesse.  Click on Qualifying Athletes to see list of who has qualified thus far.  If your child is able to swim, Ethan must know by the end of the meet against Gennesse. We will submit all names at the end of Saturday. There will be no changes to add/scratch after this. No exceptions. -- Details for event will be on right side of blog.

Sunday, June 24th:  C/D Meet  -- all swimmers with C, D or "no time" in an event may attend this event and swim. All entries must be submitted by Thursday 6/21 at 7am. You can sign up here or on the right side of the blog.

Sunday, June 24th:  Pentathalon @ AAC  -- This meet is for swimmers who have a B or better qualifying time in 3 of the following 5 events:  freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly and/or IM.  If your swimmer wants to participate they will swim all 5 events (freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly and IM) at this meet. All entries must be submitted by Thursday 6/21 at 7am. You may sign up for this meet here or on the right side of the blog.

Monday, June 25th:  Practice is cancelled. The coaches have earned a day off and your swimmers have earned an "active recovery day".  Let them sleep in and run free :)


Night Practice Change

Due to an event at the pool on Thursday, night practice will be switched to tonight for those interested.

Need 1-2 Parent Swimmers on Saturday!

Hello Parents. We will be having a coach/parent relay during the meet against Gennesse. It’s super fun and will take place right before the Freestyle relays start. It will also be a chance to cool off during a very hot day! Please contact Danielle if you are interested.