2010 FSA Division II League Champions

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Hi Swimmers,

Sorry this is so late but I wanted to remind everyone about the Swim Team Banquet Wednesday July 23rd at 6:00pm.

A-L Bring Side Dish/Salad
M-Z Bring Dessert

See you there
Coach Rich



Great work this weekend. You all swam great. Remember we are swimming all this week at 7 for upper devision and 8 for everyone else.

Here is some other stuff

Coach Rich

The swim team photos are posted at http://www.shutterfly.com/pro/BernardPhotography/GMST.

The password to access these photos is Green246.

Team members can view and order directly.

If you have any questions you may contact Bernard Photography at Stephen.bernard@comcast.net.


League is here
I hope everyone is excited for the weekend.

If you are swimming at league you need to be at the Stingrays pool by 6:10 on Saturday and Sunday.

If you are upper division, we will be warming up at GMST at 7am.

See you all there and Good Luck.


Hey Gators,

Good work today. If you are swimming in the pentathlon be at AAC at 6:10 am

Rich' nebraska is sweet....not' leeds



Rise and Shine. If you are swimming tomorrow against Lakewood, we need you to be at GMSC at 5:50 ready to swim.

See you in the morning.

Coach Rich


Gators and Family,

The meet this weekend is against our rivals Lakewood at GMSC, and we want you there. If you want to swim this Saturday you need to sign up with your coach before the end of practice on Thursday. We will be doing electronic entries so you do not need to fill out cards if you sign up on by Thursday.

Also the pentathlon is Sunday you have to have a B time in four of these events by Saturday. 100fr, 100fly, 100bk, 100br, 200IM, your last chance to qualify is this Saturday so swim the events you need to.

Coach Rich



The past weekend was amazing. At the invite on Friday and Saturday our swimmers swam really well. Almost every swimmer dropped time in at least one event. Inez won the 50 fly which is awesome considering the competition that was there.

On Sunday at the C/D meet we again had some great swims.

I want to thank everyone for coming to the meets I know they were all really long. We will have night practice for upper division tonight if you feel like stretching out a bit.



Practice Tomorrow (6/20) and Monday

Upper divisions practice is shortened tomorrow because of the Ken Caryl Invite. Practice will begin at 7:15 and end at 8:00. This will be a starts and turns practice in preparation of the meet that evening.

Because this weekend has two swim meets we will not be having practice on Monday.

If there are any questions or concerns, I'm always around.

Coach Katie


Meet with the Rivals

Hey Gator Swimmers-

I have a few reminders for the meet this Saturday. We will be swimming at the Applewood Athletic Club located at 13330 W. 20th Ave.

The meet will start at 7 am, but the Gators are expected to be ready to get in the pool (i.e. swim suits, goggles, and caps on) at 6:10 am.

Parking is a little tricky. For those of you who have been to the pool before, you know what I'm talking about. The parking lot is very small and you will most likely have to park on the street. The best place to park, in order to avoid a towing fee, is under the I-70 overpass. If there is no parking under the overpass and you have to park on the street, make sure there are no illegal parking signs posted.

The weather looks great for the weekend and I'm hoping we won't have any wind problems at this meet! The wind was not very much fun last week.

Make sure you eat a healthy meal the night before the meet and the morning of the meet so you can use all your energy to swim fast. Most importantly make sure you hydrate like never before. The sun zaps out your energy and a way too stay energized is by drinking lots of healthy fluids.

If you have any questions about the meet or need directions, don't hesitate to call or come visit me at the pool because I'm there a lot!

-Coach Katie

Hi Swimmers,

Due to weather night practiced is cancelled Wednesday Jun 6th.



Upper Division,

This week we started night practice. Practice will be held Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:45-9:00. Please show up on time ready to swim.

Coach Rich


One week down, lots more to go.

If you can not show up to the meet please let me know at 303-921-1767. This will help us with relays.

Go Gators
Coach Rich



This week we officially started morning practice. Just a few things I wanted to inform you about.

First, all swimmers need to sign up for the meet this Saturday against Golden by Thursday's practice.

Second, Upper division will be have night practice on Monday and Wednesday from 8-9 pm which is different then what the gator guide says.

See you all in the pool
Coach Rich


So far the first week has been great.

Because the pool is open on Friday we can't have practice. We will be having the inter squad on Saturday I hope do see you all there.

Coach Rich


No Practice!!!

So our pool is empty, meaning we can't swim as is scheduled. If everyone would like to show up and do laps in the bottom of the deep end (in tennis shoes,) be our guest, but it looks like we'll be getting started on Tuesday, May 27 instead.

So, first practice:

Tuesday, May 27
5-6 - 8-Unders, 9-10's
6-7 - 9-10's, 11-12's
7-8 - Upper Division

So 9-10's can pick their practice, but we won't go any easier on you from 5-6...


Ex-Coach Luke, on behalf of Coach Rich


the news.

It's official: I'm New Orleans bound!

I received my official D.C. rejection letter today (it was pretty uplifting, considering its content) meaning I will be in NO/Phoenix for the majority of the summer. It's an incredible opportunity and even though I know I'm missing out back home, I've never been this excited.

That, of course, means I won't be back for this season. I haven't yet spoken with Sandy or Dave (I reward my loyal readers...) but I know they've been actively looking for a few weeks now and should have someone new named in the very near future.

So that doesn't mean I won't see anyone again, I'm still around until June 10 and will close out the winter clinics on Sundays.

And I'll keep blogging. Probably not on this site (it will be up to the new coach if they want to continue this or not) and probably not on GMST...but somewhere you can still stay up with me and what I'm doing, should you choose!

That's all, I'll see many of you tomorrow at clinics!


happy news, updates, but not all the answers...


So first thing first...CU 3-peated at nationals!

You can find full results here! We scored more than the next 4 teams combined and more than tripled the points of second place, so you might say it was a pretty dominant effort...

Also, everyone should note that our own Josh Peterson went a blistering 58.80 in his hundred fly, a new PR! Everyone should be sure to congratulate him (try not to make fun of him too much though for losing to ex-Gator and AAC coach Katie Klane...she went a ridiculous, record setting time of 58.49)

Rich also got PRs in his 50, 100 and 200 breastsroke races, so check those out! He had an awesome meet.

On the coaching front, there's still a lot up in the air. I'll walk you through it, scavenger-hunt style.

So first thing, I did get accepted into Teach For America! They want to send me here for 2 years, teaching secondary (middle/high school) English.

View Larger Map

Of course, that entails 6 weeks of teacher boot camp, from early June all the way through mid-July here:

View Larger Map

But on Friday (or next monday..) I find out if I get into a program that, in August, would take me here:

View Larger Map

Which would in turn allow me to defer TFA for a year and free up my summer, to be here:

View Larger Map

So we'll keep waiting, and you'll hear back again, hopefully sometime this week!

Have a great week!



Some updates!

The waiting is the hardest part
Every day you see one more card
You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part
-- Tom Petty/Coach Luke
Hello again!

I know you're all seriously dreading summer (yes, much like the flu shot, it is an annual thing) and as we all savor these last few weeks of school before that pesky sun starts shining and we have to put our school books away, buy new swim suits and be generally tied down by our daily poolside lounging commitments, I thought it might be a good time to reconnect.

Plus, I got like, 10 hits last week. I know some of you are still out there.

So first, some updates!

Many of you have asked about my summer plans, as most of you know I'm graduating from kollege with an edjaktion (kidding..) in May! Well, between you and me, here's the deal.

I'm trying for a few things right now, including Teach for America and this incredible Semester at D.C. learning about and working in politics. So pretty darn cool.

The issue, of course, is that TFA doesn't just...put you in a classroom. In fact, I'd be in a teacher boot-camp for much of the summer, meaning I'd more than likely have to bid farewell for a while. Frowny face, I know.

I still have to get in though, of course, and there's much still to be decided and many other opportunities I'm seeking, so I just don't know yet.

So...waiting. It's hard but everything should be figured out sooner than later.

Kindly, Sandy and Dave are holding off on naming a head coach (new or old!) until May 1. In the meantime, I'll keep you posted!

I find out about TFA on the 18th of April, and the D.C. program about a week after that. Plus a billion other interviews between now and then.

If you have nothing else to do until then, check out the American Swimming Association University league Web site next week! Rich, Josh and myself will all be heading out to North Carolina on Friday for club nationals, and those full results will be posted online by the 15th! I'm thinking a three-peat for CU, but we'll see...

Finally...some Tom Petty love (Disclaimer: there's more than 1 seriously bad mullet in this video..)

Good talk guys, I'll be back online in about a week!

p.s. I added a feed! More on how to use that magic power coming soon...