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Thank you for eating at Chipotle

Thank you for showing your support at our Chipotle fundraiser last night. GMSC is happy to announce we raised $980.44 towards our capital improvement fund!
We appreciate all of you standing in what we heard was a long line. Thanks for your continued support to the pool our swim team needs.


Movie Night

Movie Night at the pool
We would like to celebrate our successful summer swim season with a movie night.
What:  Movie Night showing Shark Tales
Who:  Gator swimmers only
When:  Tuesday, July 28th 8:30-10pm
Where:  Green Mountain Swim Club
Why:  celebrate summer swim team 

This movie night is open to only Gator swimmers.  Parents feel free to drop your kids off as we will have adult supervision for the duration of the movie.  Swimmers you can come in your pajamas if you would like.  We will be showing Shark Tales a Dreamworks movie.  The swim team board will provide water/lemonade, popcorn and some additional snacks.  Please feel free to bring something to snack on during the movie if you choose.  Also please bring a blanket or sleeping bag as we will be in the grass.

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight.
Please note this is no swimming allowed tonight. 


State and Team Movie Night

Hello Gators!!

Today marked the last day of racing for the summer, and I can't even begin to express how proud I am of everyone who swam this weekend. Last year at State we got third place overall, which I believe was the best the team had ever done. After League this past weekend, I felt very confident in our swimmers going into State, but this weekend exceeded all of my expectations. This weekend our Gators came ready to race; we had lots of huge time drops and best times, several new Gator records, some outright unbelievable swims, but most impressively, the team came together to place SECOND out of 51 teams in the state. I am so, so excited and so, so proud of you all!

I also want to give a special thank you to Porter and Ethan. They both did an outstanding job this season, and I really couldn't have done it without them. Porter was a great help during the early morning practice, and did an excellent job running the middle practice every day. He helped keep practices fun and kept everyone smiling. Once again, Ethan did an amazing job working with the 9 and unders during the last practice. He brought a great energy to the pool each morning and all of the swimmers loved him! I saw huge improvement in all of the swimmers that Porter and Ethan worked with, and I am both impressed by and proud of both of them.

My last announcement for the evening is about our celebratory MOVIE NIGHT! The movie night will be held at GMSC this Tuesday, July 28. We will plan on getting to the pool around 8 or 8:15pm, and the movie will start at 8:30. We will have snack food available, but please feel free to bring your own food as well. Pick up time for parents will be around 10pm once the movie is done. I'm really looking forward to another fun night with the team! See you all then!

Excellent job this summer! Jaimie


State Stuff

Hi Gators! I can't believe the State meet is already here!! Here is the information about warm ups this weekend. The lower parking lot (closest to the pool) will be reserved for coaches and officials, so please plan accordingly so your swimmers are able to be behind the blocks ready for warm up on time. Thank you!

Saturday (12&Unders): Warm up will be from 6:40-7:00am. Please do your best to arrive by 6:30am. We will be doing our full warm up during this time and it is very important to be there so the kids are ready to do their best in their races. There will be starts/turns/sprints lanes from 8:40-8:55 right before the meet starts. These lanes will not suffice for a full warm up, but will be available for a little extra practice. 

Sunday (13&Up): After talking to the Upper Division swimmers, they have decided that they would rather warm up at GMSC and then head over to Splash. Upper Division warm ups will be at GMSC from 7:10-7:45am. We will then head over to Splash and practice starts and turns in the sprint lanes from 8:40-8:55. 

If you made a shirt this week at practice, make sure to wear it to the meet to show our Green Mountain spirit!

Good luck swimmers! I know you'll all do great :)


State 400 Swimmers

Hi Gators, I forgot to announce this morning at practice that swimmers who are going to swim the 400 tomorrow at state can come to practice at 7:30am tomorrow morning. We will do a long warm up and some pace work, which seemed to work great for the 400 swimmers at League. Open warm ups at the meet will start at 2pm, with the 400s starting at 3:00pm. On Friday, there will be no parking restrictions in the lower lot, so go ahead and park close, but keep in mind that Saturday and Sunday the parking lot will only be open to 2 coaches per team and officials, so those days you will have to park a little farther away. 

I will post more information about Saturday and Sunday warm ups later tonight or tomorrow morning!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all swim fast! :)

State Meet volunteers

Attention State swimmer parents:
       We will need some timers during the State swim meet.  Please see the parent volunteer sign-up and signup to help.


Banquet--Wednesday, July 22nd

It is hard to believe that 55 days ago we had our first Intrasquad meet of the 2015 summer swim team.  I can't believe that we will be celebrating our end of the season banquet on Wednesday. 

Wednesday night, July 22nd at 5:30 will be our Gator banquet.  The swim team board will be providing pizza and will have water and lemonade available.  We are will having a pot luck style dinner.  If your last name begins with A-L we are asking you to bring a dessert to and if your last name is M-Z please bring a side dish to share.  Please remember to bring serving utensils with your food item and please take all items with you when you leave. 

During this evening, we will be celebrating all the Gator swimmers.  Please remember to check your swimmer folder before you leave for the evening and collect everything that is in there.  We will end this evening with our rescheduled coaches relay.  (So parents this is your warning that we need you to bring your swimming suits and be ready to make a relay team). 

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Look forward to celebrating an amazing season!


Great Job Gators!!!

AWESOME JOB this weekend Gators, I am so proud of all of you!! We had tons of best times, a few new State qualifiers, several Gator records broken, and FOUR new League records!!

The new League record holders are:

13-14 Boys Medley Relay: Andrew Penn, Quinn Meinert, Alex Granquist, Ben Hofstra broke the Golden Marlin's record from 2012 with a time of 2:09.67

Ethan Schick broke the 17-18 Boys 100 fly record set in 1999 with a time of 59.56

Amanda Ballard broke the 13-14 Girls 50 free record set in 2011 with a time of 29.13

15-18 Boys Free Relay: Ethan Schick, Dylan Jacob, Tristan Gess, Quinn Trussell broke AAC's record from 1988 with a time of 1:43.29

The new Gator record holders will be announced at the banquet on Wednesday :) Great job!

We will still be having practice tomorrow (Monday morning) for State qualifiers and relay swimmers. Practice times will be the same as this past week: Upper division 7:00-8:30am, 12 and unders 8:30-9:30am. We will get State entries posted as soon as possible so that swimmers and families can plan ahead.

Thank you all so much for an amazing weekend! I had a lot of fun, and I hope everyone else did too. The swimmers did an outstanding job!



We are getting very close to our League meet! I hope all the swimmers are getting super excited to swim fast this weekend! I have a lot of information for you regarding this weekend, so please read this entire post.


  • Friday Events 1-6 (400s): The 400s will be held tomorrow afternoon. Swimmers in these events should show up to practice tomorrow morning around 7:30am for a nice long warm up and some pace work. It is extremely important for the 400 swimmers to come to practice tomorrow so we don't have to do as much warm up at the meet in the afternoon. Warm ups for the 400s will begin at 4:15pm tomorrow, with the meet starting at 5pm. The 400s will be at the Stingrays' pool.
  • Saturday (Events 7-64) and Sunday (Events 65-110)--ANDERSON POOL: On Saturday and Sunday, Green Mountain will only have 4 lanes for warm up at Anderson Pool. Since we have 97 swimmers going to the meet, the coaches have decided to split up the warm-ups
    • Upper Division (Ages 13&Up) will warm up at GMSC on Saturday and Sunday with Jaimie from 6:15-6:45am. We will then head over to Anderson and arrive well before the meet starts at 8:00am. There will be sprint lanes available from 7:40am-7:45am at Anderson so we can do some starts once we get there.
    • Lower Division (Ages 12&Under) will warm up at ANDERSON with Porter from 6:00-6:20am.
  • It is EXTREMELY important for the swimmers to attend warm up for this meet. I know it can be tempting to sleep in since warm ups are so early, but warm up is very important for swimmers...Not only does it wake them up, it helps get their muscles ready for racing, it allows them time to practice starts on unfamiliar blocks, it allows them to check their stroke counts and practice turns in a different pool, and most importantly, it lets us know you're at the pool which saves Coach Jaimie from having a heart attack because someone is missing. 
    • Relays are going to be crucial for us this weekend, and it would be a huge bummer for the entire team if someone misses a relay because they are late due to road construction, traffic, etc. Please come to warm up!
  • Parking: The parking lot closest to the pool is reserved for coaches. There will be plenty of parking in the surrounding areas, but plan ahead and get there as early as possible to avoid walking several blocks (another reason to come to warm up :) )
  • The link for State entries is up on the Blog. As promised, we will let you pick your own events for state.
  • If you do not have State qual times, but will be available to swim relays, please go ahead and mark that you are available. As with League, we would like to take as many relays as possible, so we need lots of swimmers who are willing to swim at State to sign up!!
  • Please sign up by Sunday at 5pm so we can get those entries in on time.
If you have any questions regarding League or State, please see me at the pool, email, call, or text me :) Thank you! Jaimie


Parent volunteer job description

Calling all Parents!  We are still in need of parent volunteers for the League meet.  This is a big few days for all of us.  All parents are needed this weekend (even if your kid is not swimming). I am providing a brief job description to let you better understand what each job entails.

Friday night:  this includes being at Anderson on Friday night from 6:30-7:30pm.  Other teams will be dropping off their tents during this time.  These people will need to be there to make sure these are put in the correct location and secured over night.  There will also be small tasks to be completed. 
Set-up (Saturday and Sunday) before the meet:  These people are very important.  We need as many people each morning starting at 5am to get this meet set up.  This will include setting up all tents needed for the meet, the heating area and our team tent. There is no planning or layout for this just physical labor.
Clean-up/take down (Saturday and Sunday) after the meet: this job will go quickly with more people. This will just require taking tents down on Saturday at the end of the meet and securing them as needed. On Sunday it will include packing items up for the responsible parties to collect.
Trash duty(Saturday and Sunday) during the meet: with enough help this task should be a job that each person can take an hour shift to empty trash as needed around the pool as needed.  The lead will coordinate shifts.
Hospitality (Saturday and Sunday) before the meet:  these people will make and/or pick up breakfast and lunch items for the coaches and officials. All of this work is done before the meet. There is no volunteer time for this during the meet.  You will be contacted by the lead on how to help with this. 

No job is too big or too small.  Everything is important to make this swim meet successful.  I am also sure we forgot some minor details too but together this will be successful.  Thank you in advance for your support in your kids sport.  Please sign up


League Entries and Practice Times for Next Week

Hi Gators! Awesome job at our last dual meet today! We had several best times and new qualifiers.

We are fast approaching the deadline for League entries. The coaches will have a meeting to decide on entries this Sunday afternoon. It is very important that EVERYONE has signed up, regardless of whether or not you have a qualifying time yet. Having the fastest relays possible will make all the difference next weekend.

Please remember that the Medley relay will be the first event next Saturday, and the Free relay will be the first event on Sunday at League. Swimmers who are only swimming in relays will be done swimming very early both days, leaving plenty of time for any plans you may have later those mornings. Both the coaches and especially teammates really appreciate the swimmers who come to the meet for relays. Please, please do your best to come!!

Lastly, practices next week will only be for League and State qualifiers, and relay swimmers. Since we will have fewer swimmers, we have decided to condense the practices into just two practice times. Because of this, we do ask that anyone not swimming individual events or relays at League or State please go ahead and sleep in!

Upper Division: Practice will be held 7:00am-8:30am.
All 12 & Unders: Practice will be held 8:30-9:30am.

The coaches expect everyone with qualifying times to attend practice. Since the League entries will not be posted on the blog until Monday, if you are unsure whether or not you are in a relay, please come to practice on Monday. If it turns out you are not swimming on a relay, you can start sleeping in on Tuesday.

Thank you parents for all you do for the team! I know several of you have moved or rearranged plans to get your swimmers to the League meet, and both the coaches and your swimmers' teammates truly appreciate it.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thanks!


Lots of info for this weekend

There is a lot going on this weekend for the swim team and swim club

Swim Team

  • You must sign-up for the League meet notifying coaches that you will or will not be able to participate.
  • The last day to order age group photos from the photographer is tomorrow at the meet. Please give Jennifer cash or check and the age group that you need.
  • Next, if you want to right a message to your swimmer in the league program you must have your completed form and payment to Jennifer by 9am Monday.
  • If you plan on attending the last chance meet on Sunday you must sign up by 3pm on Saturday.

Swim Club
Saturday, July 11th from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Brats: will be provided
Beer:  A special "Green Mountain Summer Swim ESB" has been brewed for this event!
Bring: bring a 6-pack to mix up and share (so you leave with beer)
Bring a friend and get down to the Green Mountain Swim Club this Saturday night for a Guys Night Out.  You do NOT need to be a member to attend this event.
Cost: suggested donation of $15 
All guys must be over the age of 21, willing to socialize and have fun, and be ready to drink some amazing small batch home brew.
Please RSVP to Rick Granquist at rdg.123@q.com

Sunday 7/12 from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
It's Fiesta night for Teens and Tweens at the Green Mountain Swim Club this Sunday!
Members and Non-Members may attend this event, as long as you are between the ages of 10-18. Kids can swim, play volleyball, play basketball, or just run around with their friends and have fun! The pool will close at 5:45 pm on Sunday for this event.
$7 for members
$10 for non-members.

This is a "drop off" event for your kids; parents do not need to stay. Fiesta food will be provided (and the snack shack will be open for purchase of candy, sodas, etc)


Last chance meet

The sign-up for the Last Chance meet is posted.  This meet is intended for swimmer who need "a last chance" to make a League qualifying time.  This meet will be held at Mount Vernon Country Club, 24933 Club House Circle, Golden.  Warm-ups are at 6:20-6:40; Meet starts at 7:00am. This sign-up will be available until 3pm on Saturday.  If you need to sign-up for an event please do so now or after our meet on Saturday or you will need to deck enter on Sunday.  If your kid is swimming at this meet we will need you to volunteer to time.


Just a little wet

I want to send a big thank you to everyone for coming out in the rain and making sure the Intrasquad happened.  It was a wet night and I am sure the parents were almost as wet as the swimmers.  You are all amazing parents!  Also thanks to those who purchased Gator apparel it helped lower our inventory.  My last thank you is to the talented and brave singers who tried out to sing the National Anthem at the League meet.  I am happy to announce they both will be singing, one will sing Saturday and the other Sunday.  The only thing that didn't happen tonight was the coaches and parents relay.  We will make sure to reschedule this event.

Some Information About League

Hi Gators! This will not be my only post with information regarding the League meet, but I have a few very important notes for you as we get closer to the big day. This year, we have a real shot of WINNING League. This isn't based on my being overly confident; I have looked at the results from our meets so far and I know we can do it! A win at League would be HUGE for our team, and we can't wait to see you all swim fast next weekend!

In order to win, however, we need something from you. We are asking that everyone who has qualified please be at as many practices as possible leading up to the meet, and that you come ready to do your best at practice. This week has been harder during practice, but that is because we need to build up as much endurance and strength as possible for when we taper for our big meets. Next week will get easier as we approach the meet.

The most important thing that we need to win League is for all of our swimmers to be at the meet ready to swim fast. I know everyone has lots of things going on during the summer, but we really need as many swimmers as possible to be at this meet. If it is possible at all to get swimmers to the meet, we ask that you do. Swimmers who can be there for relays even if they don't have individual qualifying times can make all the difference.

Sign ups for League are on the blog. If you have already qualified, please try to sign up by this Friday. If you qualify this weekend, we will add you to our list as we go. The coaches will be doing the entries on Sunday after the Last Chance meet, so we must know by then if you will be able to make it to the meet. If for some reason you have to miss PART of League, but not ALL of it, please sign up as a 'yes' and talk to me before Sunday so I can get you in events that don't conflict.

Lastly, please know that although the coaches will be choosing your events for this meet, we will make sure to pick events that we know you will be successful in, so don't worry. The League meet is about the team as a whole. You will be able to choose your own events for State.

Thank you! Please let me know if you have any questions :)

Parent volunteers at League

      Here is the post everyone has been waiting for.  You ask how can you help at the League meet?  Well I am here to show you :)  Attached are two sign up links.  One link is specific to selling t-shirts and programs during the meet and the other sign-up is for miscellaneous jobs during this event.  As we stated at the parent meeting we are going to need everyone's help in some way, big or small.  Please sign-up to help make this event successful.  Please don't hesitate to ask questions to find out more about a specific task.  I will be in contact with the "lead" people for each task to provide them with more detail about the responsibilities.  Thanks in advance for your time and support. 
League meet misc. jobs
T-Shirt and Program sales


Swimming in the rain

We are planning on swimming the Intrasquad meet tomorrow (even in the rain with no lightening).  It might be a wet and cold night so please plan accordingly for you and your swimmers.  We will have dinner available for purchase from the GMSC snack shack, entertainment from the swimmers going to audition for the National Anthem and a nail biting relay race by the coaches and parents.  See you tomorrow and do the rain dance so hopefully it waits to rain until after the Intrasquad. 


Advertising in the League program

     Is your swimmer going to League in a specific event?  Do you know of a business that wants to advertise in the 2015 League program?  Attached are two forms in which allow you to write a message to your swimmer in their event and/or advertise on a page in the meet program.  This is a great way to cheer your swimmer on or get your business recognized by others.  Please note the deadline to participate in either of these sponsorships is Wednesday, July 8th.  Please see Jennifer with any questions or to turn in these forms.
Program Advertising
Swimmer/Event Sponsorship


Last week of regular season practice

It is hard to believe we are approaching our last regular swim season week.  This week is the last full week of practice unless the swimmer has a league and/or state qualifying time.  Although it is the last week of regular season it will be a busy one.  Practice times will be the same for all age groups this week. 

  • Tuesday-sign up for Intrasquad meet by 7pm
  • Wednesday-Intrasquad meet (warm-ups at 5pm; meet starts at 5:30pm)
  • Wednesday-sign up for Saturdays meet by 9pm
  • Saturday-meet @ 5Parks (warm-ups at 6:30am; meet starts at 7am)
  • Sunday-Last Chance meet @ Mount Vernon Country Club.  This meet is for swimmers who are close to League qualifying times. More information coming soon 
Please watch the blog in the next few days with details about the League meet.  There will be important information for swimmers as well as for parents.


Intrasquad meet-Wednesday, July 8th

Our last Gator Intrasquad meet will be held on Wednesday, July 8th.  The meet will begin at 5:30pm with warm-ups starting at 5pm.  Please make sure to sign up for 2 events by Tuesday @ 7pm.  This will be an action-filled evening that you don't want to miss.

Green Mountain Swim Club will be grilling on the barbeque and have the snack shack open for items to be purchased.  They accept cash and credit cards so come have dinner at the pool. 

Sale on Gator apparel.  Our remaining Gator apparel (not including swim caps) will be 50% off regular prices for this night only.  This will help us make room for new Gator apparel next season.  We accept cash or checks.
                 T-Shirts (blue, gray and/or white) and tanks        $6.00/each
                 Hoodies                                                             $12.00/each
                 Zip-up Jackets                                                   $14.50/each

The night will be finished off with our coaches relay.  We will keep with tradition and our coaches will race against a parent relay and other age groups.
This will be a fun night for all!

Age Group photos

Thanks for everyone who came to pictures and pancakes on Wednesday.  It was fun for all!
The photographer was able to take age group photos during this session which provides a picture of the kids that swam together.  These pictures will be provided if you purchased a package or can be purchased for $10.00.  If you would like to purchase an age group photo please find Jennifer this week during practice or at the Intrasquad meet on Wednesday.  You will need to provide payment at this time (cash or check payable to Mardell Studios).  The last day to order these will be Friday, July 10th.


Attention Dads-Beer and Brat night at the pool

The Green Mountain Swim Club is hosting "Beer and Brat" night at the pool on July 11th at 8-10pm.  Please see below for more details.  They would love to see you there.

Join GMSC for a guys night out! Bring a six pack of your favorite brew for an exchange - walk away with a 6 pack of all different beers! ..glass bottles are allowed for this event but we do need to drink out of plastic cups. Brat dinner will be provided. 

Bring a neighbor! Bring a friend!  

$15 suggested donation - Funds raised will go to GMSC. 

Members and Non-Members invited to attend. 
21+, of course.