2010 FSA Division II League Champions

Welcome to the Gator blog!


Swimming Suit fitting

Please remember we will be having our swimming suit fitting next Sunday, May 1st

  • Colorado Swim Shop will be coming to help fit swimmer for our team suite
  • This will be at Green Mountain Rec Center
  • They will be here from 4:30-6:30pm
  • It is best to arrive early and try on the suits before you swimmer is wet
  • This is the 2nd year of our suits so if yours still fits from last year there is no need to purchase another one
Please send any questions to gmstgators@aol.com


New & Returning Officials

Officials Clinics are coming up fast!

Sunday April 24th- 4:30pm Green Mountain Recreation Center
Sunday May 15th- 4:30pm Green Mountain Recreation Center
**Wednesday May 25th- Applewood Knolls Pool- 6pm for the rules meeting and 7pm for in water demonstration. All new officials must attend this in water demonstration!
**Sunday June 5th-4:30pm Green Mountain Recreation Center Only returning officials may attend this date.

If you have questions about the officials clinics, please contact Jim Fernald, jimfswim@comcast.net


Summer is around the corner

I can't believe we will be starting summer swim team in 5 weeks.  The swim team is busy getting ready for summer and so is the swim club.  The registration for summer swim team is posted.  You will notice that we have a morning registration and an evening registration.  The morning swim practice is offered just as it has been in the past.  When you sign-up for morning swim practice your child will attend their age division practice daily.  The evening swim practice is being offered to swimmers 12 and under who have not been able to participate in the past due to parents work schedule.  For the first time we will offer an evening swim practice (if the demand is there with a minimum of 8 swimmers) for a maximum of 16 swimmers.  This practice will only be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00-8:00pm.  The evening practices will be offered to the families that register first due to the limited space and they will be contacted to let them know the status of this.  Please note your swimmer may only participate in the swim practice in which they registered for.
I hope you have noticed the many changes on the blog.  All information posted on the blog will also be posted on our Facebook page.  Please like the Green Mountain Swim Team on Facebook so you can receive updates here. You can also subscribe to the Gator blog by entering your email and this will send you an email daily if the blog has been updated.  I have also created a google calendar with important swim team dates and am working on allowing you to copy this calendar into your own (so this is coming soon).  Hope these tools are helpful and will help you stay current on things that are happening.
The pool is busy getting ready for us to start swimming.  If you drive by you will notice they have repaired the parking lot.  They will also begin the process of filling up the pool to get the water ready for us.
Summer will be here before we know it!  Please register your swimmers and we will plan to see you on May 18th for after school swim practice.  Please continue to check the blog frequently as we prepare for summer swim team.