2010 FSA Division II League Champions

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Final thank you

I believe I speak on behalf of the board and the coaches of the Gator summer swim team when I say THANK YOU!

Thank you for  a wonderful summer
Thank you for your support to a sport your kid(s) love
Thank you for the laughs throughout the season
Thank you for your patience as we tried new processes
Thank you for the early mornings
Thank you for spending 6 days a week with us
Thank you swimmers for your dedication to work hard
Thank you volunteers
Thank you to the new families and swimmers who took a risk to try swimming with the Gators
Thank you for showing up ready to work hard
Thank you for always (or most of the time) sharing a smile
Thank you to the buddy family swimmers that helped support each other in and out of the water
Thank you to a successful summer swim season

And thank you for advance for helping provide us feedback on the season and any suggestions for improvement for next season.  We would appreciate you completing the following survey to help us know how to continue to make a successful swim team.
Please complete the following Gator Swim Team survey

Please continue to check the Blog as we set dates for the Fall swim clinic session.  You can subscribe to the blog (see the top left to enter your email) and also like Green Mountain Swim Team on Facebook to keep informed on Gator news.


CANCEL: Olympic night

I guess we weren't meant to watch Michael Phelps from the pool.  I can't complain too much about Mother Nature because she had cooperated throughout the season.  I can't compete with the weather and the pre-season Bronco game.  You will all have to tune in to the Olympics from the comfort of your couch to see the United States take home another Gold medal.

Go for the Gold!  Go Broncos!

Plans for Olympic swimming night

Sorry to be getting this information out so late.  We hope you can make it tonight.

We will plan on watching the Olympic swimming events tonight starting at 7pm at the pool.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Members get in free and non-members are $5.00 for admission.  Please arrive whenever works best for you.  The pool will be open for swimming until 8pm at which time the guards will close the pool.  We will continue to watch the Olympics until 10:30pm so you are welcome to stay.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Schedule August 8th-August 13th

We are slowly starting to switch our gears from summer swim team to the the upcoming school year.  We wish all the Gators a great 2016-17 school year.

But summer isn't over yet!
If you were not able to attend the banquet and/or swam at State all the ribbons, medals and certificates are in the swimmer folders.  The swimmer folders will be in the Guard Shack at the pool.  Please stop by this week to collect anything that is still in your folder.

Thursday, August 11th we will be watching the Olympics swimming events live from the pool.  It is amazing to see the talented swimmer compete for their country.  The details are still being worked out but the Olympic swimming will be start at 7pm.  Please bring your family and friends to enjoy dinner, swimming and watching swimming at the pool.  More details will be posted but pencil this in on your calendar.  All are welcome as members get in free and guests will pay $5.00 admission.

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Thanks for all your team support and we look forward to seeing you one more time.

at  7PM MT

at  7PM MT


Schedule for week of August 3rd-August 6th

Even though swim team is over we would like to remind you of two upcoming events this week.

On Wednesday, August 3rd we are having a movie night at Green Mountain Swim Club. The movie playing will be SURF'S UP. This event is for swim team swimmers only. 

Please plan on arriving to the pool around 8:15pm as the movie will begin at 8:30pm.  

The swim team will provide some snacks and water but feel free to bring something of your own to snack on. 

Come in your pajamas and bring your blanket and pillow (or something to sit on).  Parents you can drop your swimmer off and return at 10pm to pick them up.

There will be NO swimming on this night.  Parental guidance will be provided.  

On Saturday, August 6th from 10am-8pm the Swim Club will be hosting their swim/dive-a-thon fundraiser.  Please help the pool raise money for facility improvements/repairs.
Each participating swimmer will have 60 minutes to complete as many laps and/or dives as possible.  Each participate will need to bring along a person to count their laps/dives. 
Please help the swim club that we swam at everyday!
Here is a link to sign-up for the time that you want to attend
Here is the Swim/Dive-a-thon pledge form.  Please start collecting pledges and turn after completing your laps/dives.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this fundraiser.  You are also welcome to make a donation to the pool.

Hope to see all the swimmers on Wednesday night to celebrate a wonderful summer swim season.