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Hey Gators,

Just wanted to touch base with you all on a few topics.

1) Intrasquad: The meet will be big tonight so we would like to start right at 6. To do that we need all swimmers here by 5:20PM ready to get in for warm ups at 5:30. We will also need timers so please come by and help out.

2) Pictures: Tomorrow 6/30/11 is the team picture7:30am, If you are doing individuals please be here early to take them. Remember to wear your team suit. The Pictures will be followed by the first annual Gator Pancake Breakfast. From there we will leave for Water World. You will need to find your own ride to and from Water World but there should be plenty of drivers to carpool with. If you have not bought tickets I have been told that we have plenty you can buy tomorrow morning just find Mrs. Long. They are a steel at $23.

3)No Practice Monday 7/4/11 Have a happy and safe 4th!

4) Practice on 7/5/11 will be normal for lower division. No morning practice for Upper Division but we will have a night practice at 8:00 pm for those who can't wait to swim again.

5) Fear of spiders is called arachnophobia, Fear of tight spaces is called claustrophobia, fear of Dylan Jacob is called logic.

See you all tonight
Coach Rich


Monday June 27th

There will not be night practice this evening, hope you all enjoy having a full day off!

Coach Shelby

Hey Gators,

Hope you all were able to get caught up on rest this morning. The coaches were really impressed with all of your swims this weekend. I have not yet received the results from the meets this weekend but as soon as I do I will update the best times.

We have an intrasquad meet this Wednesday so if you would like to swim please sign up with a coach either tomorrow or Wednesday morning.

Fact: The only difference between Abby Barmore and God, is instead of resting on the 7th day Abby wins Pentathlons.


We are the Gators, the mighty mighty Gators!


Wow, is all I can say right now! For those of you that swam at Ken Caryl, the coaches couldn't be more proud of you! We had 20 second drops in best times all the way to first place finishes! The coaches even won a little something...the 'Team Spirit Award', we even have a little plaque to go along with it! The highlight of the meet would probably be when a parent asked Coach Rich if he was still in high school...ask him to tell you that story at practice on Tuesday. Even though it was a long two days you all swam incredibly! Thank you to all of the parents and swimmers for making Ken Caryl another successful meet.

But the world's longest weekend isn't over just yet! Tomorrow, Sunday June 26th we have two meets taking place. The CD meet will be at Mount Vernon Country Club and warm-ups begin at 6:20, so please do your best to arrive 15 minutes early. If you have NOT signed up for the CD meet you need to have cards turned in BY 6:30. After 6:30 they will not take anymore swimmers, so please keep that in mind. The other meet which will be taking place at Applewood Athletic Club is the Pentathlon. Warm-ups at this meet will begin at 6:20, again please make sure that you arrive 15 minutes early.

As of right now night practice will be happening Monday June 27th, check back for further information.

-No Practice Monday June 27th
-Intrasquad meet Wednesday June 29th
*Be sure to let the coaches know if you will be at the intrasquad or not.
-Pictures, pancake breakfast and Water World Thursday July 30th
*If you still haven't purchased your tickets you still have time!

Hope you all have a great rest of your Saturday and I will see many of you at the pool tomorrow!

Coach Shelby

Fun Fact:
Ethan Schick and Superman once raced across the pool doing fly on a bet. The loser had to wear their underwear on the outside of their pants.


New Information!

Hello Gators,

We have received our warm-up time for the CD meet. We won the jackpot and will be warming up 6:20-6:40. Please arrive 15 minutes early. Also if you would like to deck enter for the CD meet you need to do so BY 6:30 am. They will not accept any entries after that time.

Rich was going to post to keep good on his word to the Moores but, Josh told him he couldn't post becasue the Moores made him too mad and this was their punishment. Who ever heard of a car towel anyways.

There are still a ton of Water World tickets, so if you still have not purchased your ticket get on it!! Water World is the coaches favorite day of the year!

Upper division swimmers that are participating in Ken Caryl: practice tomorrow morning for you is optional, but I know that Josh and Rich would love to see the rest of the upper division bright and early tomorrow morning.

I believe that is all the information we have right now, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. Have a great day!

Coach Shelby


Last Chance

Hi All,

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for both the C/D meet and the Pentathalon. However you can always sign up for C/D meet at the meet but that is more work so please try and sign up by tomorrow.

Also warm ups are up for Ken-Caryl so check them out and try and get there a little early.

Coach Rich


Night Practice 6/20/11: Gators we are going to have night practice tonight, hope to see some of you there! Practice will go 8-9pm

The Swamps New Look

I hope you all like the new look to the swamp. Thanks to Peter we have an awesome new title to our blog.

Congrats to all who swam on Saturday. For the second strait week the GM Gators feasted on Piranhas. The results and best times are posted on the blog so take a look at them when you get a chance.

This week is going to be a very busy one so if you have any other questions please feel free to ask a coach. We have the Ken-Caryl Invite Friday for Upper division, and Saturday for lower division. The warm up times have not been posted yet. As soon as I get them I will post them on the blog. Remember you have to have qualified for this meet. Entries have been posted at the pool so please check to see if you or your swimmer(s) are swimming in the meet.

We also have two meets on Sunday. The C/D Meet and the Pentathalon. In order to swim in the Pentathalon you have to have B times or better in 4 of the 5 events. (Back, Breast, Fly, 100Fr and 200IM) If you have qualified for this meet and don't want to swim it please let me know or I will enter you in it.

The C/D Meet is also on Sunday. Swimmers can only swim in events they C time or slower in. We will also be doing sign ups for this meet this week so if you or your swimmer(s) are interested let us know.

See you at the pool
Coach Rich

PS Night Practice is on for now check back later for update on the weather.


Hey all due to weather practice is canceled today (Monday 6/19/11). See you all tomorrow.

Coach Rich


Calling all parents!

Hey there gators,

First of all, I would like to say great job at practice this week! Coach Rich, Josh, and I were very proud of the progress you all made during stroke week. We still have some work to do, but we were very pleased with how things went. We are excited to see how you all do at the meet tomorrow morning!

Next order of business is going to be the swim meet, which is at 5 Parks tomorrow morning. Our warm up starts at 6:30, so parents please help us out and get your swimmers there 15 minutes early so that they are ready to get in the pool by 6:30. Coach Rich will not be at the meet tomorrow, he will be attending National History Day in Washington D.C. with some students from the school he teaches at. That being said we will be down one coach, and seeing that our swim team has increased in size quite dramatically this season parents if you could lend a helping hand by keeping track of your swimmers and help get relays put together it would be greatly appreciated by Coach Josh and I. We will be having our team meeting at 6:55 and we will be doing our cheer, so gators bring your cheering voices. We want to show the 5 Parks Piranhas that we mean business!

Next week I will also not be at practice. I will be in Illinois visiting my parents for the week, but I will be back in time for our first home meet next Saturday. Coach Josh and one of our very own gators Molly will be coaching all practices next week. Please make sure you know whether or not you will be swimming at the meet next weekend so that they can get you signed up.

See you all tomorrow bright and early!!

Coach Shelby


Where Did Summer Go?


It was a bit chilly out there today but I was glad so many of you made it to practice any ways. I was really impressed with the 8 and unders who all got in. More of them got in than the upper division.

We will have the entries for Saturdays meet at the pool tomorrow if you want to see what you are swimming. If you have not signed up yet you will have to do so at the meet.

See you all at the pool.
Coach Rich

Chilly morning practice for 8-unders is still on, but parents we will leave that decision up to you. Hope to see you all here!!


Deal On

Ok I spoke with the Moores today and the deal is on. They were on time today so you are treated to a few words of wisdom from me. I have spent the last few hours figuring out the printer and Meet Manager but I think I have it so the book should be updated by tomorrow.

Note we will have night practice tonight starting at 8pm. I have heard from a few parents who are taking advantage of the pool time. All abilities are welcome.

Also I changed to blog so that it will be viewed as a mobile version on smart phones. Let me know if that works better for you on your phones. Figured you wouldn't want to miss any posts even on vacation.

Coach Rich


Feeling The Heat

No, I don't mean Miami. Go Mavs

For those of you who are only thinking of tonight's game I meant the weather. It seems that summer is finaly upon us, and we are in full swing of things at the swamp. Here are a few things to keep in mind in the up coming week.

Water World tickets will go on sale Thursday for $23. First come first serve, so don't wait or you will be paying full price. See Mrs. Long for more info.

Our first night practice was last night we had a great turn out of upper division swimmers but parents, come on we only had one. The parent relay wont beat the 8 and unders let alone the coaches, if you don't show up to practice.

I am also feeling the heat from the Moores to post more on the blog. They claim I am not giving them the appropriate amount of entertainment. So here is the deal every day that the Moores are on time to practice I will post. Sound good Olivia, Inez?

Coach Rich


8 and Overload

WOW So Many Gators,

I am pleased to announce that this year’s gator team is the biggest we have had since the Kruses have been on the team, and that has been for awhile. There are so many new gators we could use all your help If you happen to see any of these new swimmers or parents wondering around looking confused or lost please help them find their way to the heating shed, team tent or the snack bar for delicious “state qualifying” breakfast burritos. Please do your best to show these new gators the ropes.

The 2011 league times are in as well as the results from the first intra-squad meet. I will get the results from Saturdays meet as soon as I get them.

Tonight is the first night practice I hope that upper division takes advantage of some extra time in the pool. I also wanted to remind you that night practice is open to any and all parents who are interested in improving their stroke, getting ready for the parent relay or just trying to keep up with their children. I hope to see some of you there.

Coach Rich