2010 FSA Division II League Champions

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Up Date

Hi All,

Since we have no students today and my classroom is ready for summer I figured I could spend some time writing to my favorite swim team.

It was good to see so many of you yesterday. It was good to see so many old and new gators getting along so swimmingly. Although I did notice that we were missing quite a few people upper division. But I am sure you are all just busy with grad parties and such and will be coming today.

Now onto the updates if you check under important links I have put up a link to the registration that you can print off, we also have them at the pool during practice. I have updated the link to the state meet qualifying times. However FSA has not updated the league times on their site yet, when they do I will make a link to them.

It seems that the Green Mountain Swim Clubs website is down right now and a lot of people told me they didn’t know what was going on because of that. So if you hear talk of that please direct people to the blog. I promise to keep it running.

Coach Rich


Practice Cancelled


So the weather is not cooperating and we are going to go ahead and cancel all practices. We hope you guys have a great night. Keep your fingers crossed that the weather is nice for tomorrow! See you all tomorrow!

Coach Shelby and Rich

Rain rain go away!

Hey guys,

8-under practice is cancelled, but since it looks like it is going to clear up we are still on for 9-10 and 11-12 practice. Check back and we will let you know for sure.

Coach Shelby and Rich

Rain Out

Sorry guys no go for today. Check back tomorrow and we will try again I will try and post something in the afternoon again. Don't tell Josh let's see if he show up to day.

Coach Rich and Shelby

Wet and Wild


I am not sure what has gotten into the weather lately I think Coach Luke has sent New Orleans weather to us using some type of cajun Voodoo. Since Coach Shelpy has informed me that she is not mother nature and therefor cant tell me what the weather will be like in four hours we will have to play it by ear. Either way Shelby and I will be there for a few menutes at least to say hi and do a Sun dance. So if it looks good at four we will give it go. If you think it is too cold for those little gators or you just want to curl up and wathch a movie on the couch only mean coach Molly will hold it against you.

Coach Rich

p.s Coach Shelby just sent me this very informative text "it says %50 chance of thunderstorms form 2 on but it has a sun with the thunder and lighting. So I don't know" what I want to know is how do they draw thunder Shelby?


Tis The Season

Hi Gators,

yup its that time again. The swamp is filled and ready to be filled with little gators.See you all this afternoon.

Coach Rich


Summers Back

Hey All,

I am sure you all are as ready for summer as I am. I have posted our meet schedule and our practices times for the next few weeks. Sign up forms will be at the pool durring practices for the first few weeks. I will also get them up on the blog ASAP. If you have any questiosn let me know.


p.s. Happy Birthday Jellby