2010 FSA Division II League Champions

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Help out the GMSC

Gator Nation,

The Green Mountain Swim Club is trying to convince the county to waive property tax for the pool (~$11,000/year), so we can better maintain and update the facility. Short letters from swim team parents or Gators that point out the importance of the pool to their family and the community as a whole would help our case. The Club's representative in this matter, Drew McCabe at zephyrinvestments@yahoo.com needs our letters by Sept 11.
Many thanks,
The swim team board


Hi Gators! I just posted a link to register for fall and winter swim clinics. This is different! It is an online registration form. Just fill it out and bring your payment when you come. (Note that this form will work for one or both sessions. You can register now for Session I and later for Session II using the same form. Or, go ahead and register for both if you like.)


Post State

Sorry this took so long Gators, I have been in San Diego this past week for a work conference I and couldn't post using my phone.

I would like to congratulate all state participants, the Gators did very well taking 5th place in Division I. A special congratulations to Ethan, he set a new state record for 15-16 boys 100 Fly. You can pick up ribbons from state at the pool in the guard office. Stay tuned for more info on winter clinics starting this fall.



State Info

Happy state weekend Gators,

Here is a link to the state meet website, you might want to check it out before you get here. Also here are a few important reminders for the weekend. Parking is limited, and cars will be ticketed and/or towed if parked in the wrong spots. Also be aware of restricted areas for tents and chairs. No personal tents or chairs are allowed inside the fenced pool area. We only have two timing shifts, both on Sunday.

Coach Rich


State Meet Web Site

For you meet junkies out there, go to www.statemeet.com to see lots of information about the meet this weekend. Directions and maps, psych sheet, etc. Check it out!

State Info and More

Warm-up times are now posted. We have decided to warm-up at Green Mountain Swim Club at 7:30 am and head to Anderson at 8:00 am both Saturday and Sunday in order to avoid a 6:00 am warm-up with a three hour break before the meet starts. 400 swimmers will warm-up tomorrow at 1:30 at Anderson. 400 swimmers do not have practice tomorrow they do have an optional wake-up swim at 9:00 am at Green Mountain.

In other news, Al, Carol, and Beth are pleased to announce that Jennifer and Craig Friedrichs and Adelaide and Ryan Murphy have stepped up to join the swim team board.



Change to State Entries

Please re-check your entries if you are a 15-18 Boy, we added two B relays.


Looking Forward

Great job Gators! No practice Monday, rest up and get ready for state. Practice schedule will change this week: Upper Division 7:30- 8:30 am; All Lower Division 8:30-9:30 am.

Remember all gators the Banquet is this Wednesday July 24 at 5:30. No need to RSVP. Pizza and beverages will be provided. A-L bring desserts and, M-Z side dishes for at least six people.


Important Info


As we gear up for the end of the season there are a few important details that everyone needs to know.

First, we will no longer have night practice.

Second, tomorrow's tie-dye party will start at 5:30 and continue until 7:30. Please bring something to tie-dye, Gator shirts will be available for purchase if you would like to tie-dye one of them. Ice cream will be provided. Please be sure to supervise any gator that is too young to be left at the pool by themselves. 

Third, make sure you know when you are swimming at league. Note that Friday is at the Stingray's pool and Saturday/Sunday is at the Splash. Please be sure to get there early, you will not be able to park in the Splash parking lot, you will have to park up the hill and walk down. 

Lastly, warming-up in three lanes with 70 swimmers would be a little too crowded, so upper division will be warming up at GMSC at 6:15 am both Saturday and Sunday. We will then try and get to the splash for starts by 7:30. Upper division try and  find a ride form GMSC to the Splash. If you have multiple swimmers feel free to take them all to the Splash for the 6:50 am warm-up or talk to me, we might be able to have a few little ones with upper division.



League Update

Hi Gators,

There were a few changes to entries. Please check your entries to see if you had any changes to your events.



League Week

Nice job swimming this weekend, we had a few extra swimmers make league toady. Entries are now posted, please look them over and let me know if you have any questions or concerns as soon as possible.



Last Dual Meet

Tomorrow is the last dual meet of the summer, so we need all of the gators that are close to league times to swim extra fast tomorrow. You can check what you are swimming under important links. Warm-up will start at 6:30am and it will be cool up there early so bring extra clothes.

Sunday is the Last Chance meet. In order to swim in the meet you must have a B time or a League time. You can now sign-up for Last Chance. We will be doing entries right after the meet tomorrow so be sure to sign-up as soon as possible.

We will be doing league entries Sunday after the Last Chance meet. If you made League but will be out of town please fill in the July vacation Google Doc under the League tab before Sunday, so that we do not enter you in the meet. Practice next week will be for league swimmers only.

If you have any questions please let me know,


Top Times, League and State Qualifiers Corrected

For those of you who noticed, we had some problems with the top times and qualifications because of an error with results from the Pentathlon meet. We got a new results file from AAC and now these results are correct and working. Sorry for the inconvenience! Please let me know whenever you have a question about times or standards. You know your times better than I do!
Carol Wilsey


SNACK SHACK OPEN During Intrasquad!

We are told that the Snack Shack will be open for your dining pleasure tomorrow night during the Intrasquad Meet! There will be hot dogs and hamburgers along with the regular Snack Shack food.


Back At It

It was good to see all of you today in the water. Those of you that swam today got the chance to relive the good old days of the Swamp. Tuesday and Thursday stroke clinic sign-up is now open, Tuesday we will work on open turns and Thursday will be a flip turn day. These clinics run from 9:45-10:30 in the diving well.

Also, please remember to sign-up ASAP for the intrasquad. Please sign-up by Tuesday afternoon.

See you tomorrow,
Coach Rich


Gator Update

Hope everyone is rested and ready for the last portion of the season. Tomorrow we will return to normal practice schedule. Wednesday we have our last intrasquad of the season, you know what that means......coaches relay! You can now sign-up for that meet, please limit yourself to two individual entries. Note, there are no relays at the intrasquad meet.

See you tomorrow,
Coach Rich


Week of the 4th

Hi Gators,

This week there are a lot of adjustments due to the 4th and pictures/Water World.
Monday and Tuesday: are normal practices times including night practice on Tuesday. This weeks Tuesday clinic will be backstroke 9:45-10:30. Please sign-up now.
Wednesday: No Practice. Pictures will start at 7:30 followed by Gator Pancake Breakfast and a day of Water World.
Thursday: No Practice have a great 4th.
Friday: No Practice, enjoy your 4th July weekend


What a Weekend

This week won't be as busy as last week, but we will see if we can make it close.

We will again have stroke clinics Tuesday and Thursday from 9:45-10:30am. Please sign-up under important links. Tuesday, will be a Butterfly clinic and Thursday will be a start clinic.

Night practice will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:00-9:00pm. All upper-division and Gator parents are welcome to participate.

The meet against AAC is Saturday, this is a big meet for our team. I think it will be a very close meet so we will need all of the gators to swim, and swim fast. Please sign up for three individual events by Wednesday night.

Also, there is a sign-up for the Pentathlon meet Sunday. In order to swim in the meet you have to have B times or better in Three of the Five events at the meet. (Fly, Back, Breast, Free and IM) At this meet each swimmers swims all five events then the times are added up and whoever has the fastest time wins. All I need for you to sign-up is name and age. Please keep in mind this is a long day and a lot of swimmers so only swimmers who want to swim in all five events should sign-up.


Swimming Weekend

I hope everyone is getting ready for the first big swim weekend of the season. Due to the Ken Caryl meet tomorrow and Saturday there will be not upper division practice tomorrow (Friday) June 21st. All other practices will be at their regular scheduled time.

If you would like to swim in the C/D meet Sunday please sign-up today, I have to have entries in today. If you do not sign up before they are taken down you will have to deck enter at the meet on Sunday. Our official warm-up time has not yet been posted, but plan on 6:00am or check the blog before the meet.

See you tomorrow.
Coach Rich


Night Practice


Tonight is the first night practice from 8-9:00 pm for all swimmers that swim in the upper division practice. Any parents that would like to take a few laps are always welcome to come to night practice as well.

The finalized Ken Caryl entries are up including relays, so be sure to check them out.

Also swimmers interested in swimming Sunday at the C/D meet the sign-up is now available. Please remember you can only swim in events that you have a C, D or No Time in. Please check the best times before you sign-up to make sure you are eligible to swim in those events.

Coach Rich


Ken Caryl

Nice job yesterday, I know it was a long meet but I was happy to see so many swimmers swim best times. A special congratulations to Ethan and Ryan who both broke team records in the 200 IM and 100 free respectively.

The entries for Ken Caryl invite are posted under important links. (Note: relays have not been made yet but they will be posted as soon as the coaches get them done) Please check what day and time your age group will be swimming. Upper division swims on Friday afternoon/night, all 11-12s and 9-10 boys swim Saturday morning, and 9-10 girls and all 8 and unders swim Saturday afternoon.

We will start Night Practice for upper division this week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8-9pm.

We will also be starting stroke clinics this week on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:45-10:30am. I will be posting a sign-up for these under important links. They will be limited to the first 10 swimmers to sign-up in addition to a few swimmers chosen by the coaches that need work on a particular skill. Tuesday's clinic will focus on turns and Thursday's focus will be breast stroke.


I'm Back

Time for my first meet of the summer. Now that I feel the new coaches have been appropriately broken in, I will actually be attending the meet tomorrow. That means time for the new cheer so keep practicing. You can look at the entries posted under important links. You will notice that some of the events are different then the ones you might have signed-up for (not everyone can swim the 50 free and Back).

Next week is the Ken Caryl Invite. We will be doing entries Saturday after the meet. If you have a time that qualifies, you WILL be entered in the meet unless you go to the blog under June vacation form and and put that you won't be able to swim. Remember upper-division swims on Friday afternoon/night and all lower-division will be on Saturday.

If you do not have a qual time to swim at Ken Caryl, you can swim in the C/D meet Sunday. Sign up will be posted soon.

See you bright and early
Coach Rich


What's Next

The Intrasquad and Golden meet sign-ups are now up. Please sign up for the Intrasquad by Tuesday and the Golden meet by Wednesday.

Good luck tomorrow
Coach Rich

Welcome Home!

Time for the first home meet of the year. If you are like me you know what that means....Breakfast Burritos!

You can now view the entries for tomorrow's meet under important links. If you click on entries by name you will have the events you are swimming including relays. I would recommend writing down the event numbers you will be swimming tomorrow (parents if you could help the little ones do this it will help the meet run smoothly). Also, below the link for entries you will find a link for relays, that will allow you to find who will be swimming on your relay with you. If you did not sign up on time and are turning in pink or blue cards you will not be on these lists and will have to remember your own events.

Parents don't forget to sign-up on the blog for a volunteer shift.

Go Gators!


Saturday's Meet


There is a volunteer sign up posted on the blog for Saturday's meet. Please pick up a sift or two.



Due to cold temperatures there will not be 9 and under practice from 9-10:00. If the middle practice swimmers think they will be warm enough and would like to come by they are welcome to give it a try.


The Gators Need More Officials!

If you are interested in being a swim meet official for the Green Mountain Gators there is training available on Sunday June 9th @ 3 PM at the Green Mountain Recreation Center. This is a fun volunteer job that is so important at our meets. If you have questions about what this entails, please talk to one of the coaches or someone on the Swim Team Board.


Saturday’s Meet Sign-Up

The spread sheet for this upcoming Saturday’s meet is now available. Please try and sign up by Wednesday in order to give us plenty of time to complete entries. If you have any quests please let a coach know.
Coach Rich


Brr it’s cold in here there must be some Gators at Wheat Ridge

Great job today at morning practice, the entries for tomorrow have been sent to Wheat Ridge. They will be posted on the blog later this evening (sorry I forgot the file and can’t post them from work). Please be sure to check that you are entered tonight before you go to bed if you want to swim tomorrow. If you did not sign up and still want to swim just show up at Wheat Ridge and the coaches can deck enter you into events.

The weather report is calling for supper cold temperatures tomorrow, I would recommend skipping warm-up (I can’t believe I just said that) unless you think you will hurt yourself. Bring as many warm clothes as you can. Parents remember gators are cold blooded and will need lots of hot chocolate to stay warm.

Good luck

Coach Rich


Last After School Practice

Nice job last night. I know it was a little chilly but the coaches were excited to see many of you pick up right where you left off last season and were excited to watch new team members compete in their first race. However, there is no time to rest our next meet is Saturday at Wheat Ridge. You can sign up by clicking on the Wheat Ridge meet link under Important Links. Please do so ASAP, we have to get the entries to Wheat Ridge soon. You will notice the sign up for Saturday’s meet is a little different, we have listed all of the events for each age group you can simply put an X in the events you want to swim or you could put an estimated time if you remember it from last year. Please note you are only allowed to sign up for three individual events. Also for the relays, I know that some of you will have to come late or leave early, if that is the case please put a NO in the relay that you will not be available for. Likewise, please put a YES if you will be available for both relays.

Coach Rich


Hello Gators,

I hope you are all enjoying you long weekend. I am happy to announce that tomorrow we will be back at GMSC for practice. Our first meet is an intrasquad on Wednesday. Under important links I have posted a meet sign-up for the intrasquad. To sign-up click on the link, when the page opens find the age group tab on the bottom of the page that applies to you, enter your name, gender, and your top two event choices. We will be doing entries Tuesday after practice so be sure to choose your events before then. Note, you have to be registered to swim in the meet.

Parents we need emergency contact info for each swimmer. Under important links you will find an emergency contact form please print it out and return it to a board member or coach Rich.

See you at the Swamp
Coach Rich



The season is officially under way. Yesterday afternoon we had a great first practice however, I noticed we were missing quite a few little gators. Lucky for you there is another opportunity today. The Sun is shining and the water is warm.

See you at practice
Coach Rich


Here We Go

So the pool is a little chilly (78 degrees) but we are going to give it a try. If you have little ones that don't like the cold please use you own judgment but, we hope to see you at Morse Park.

Coach Rich


Monday Practice

Sorry guys due to water temp practice is canceled. Please check back tomorrow.

Coach Rich


G-A-T-O-R-S   G-A-T-O-R-S
The king of the swamp is the Gators
The Gators are the king of the swamp
With just one bite the others run in fright
Cause the Gators win the fight

Many swimmers----ONE HEART
Many swimmers----ONE HEART

Hurray for the Green Mountain Gators
They're the best in the pool
With Just one bite the others run in fright
Cause the Gators always rule



Welcome to the 2013 GMST season. I hope you like the new fight song, I will make sure to teach it to all of you on Monday.

Please see the message below from the board
Coach Rich

Gator Nation,
The snow is gone and the summer swim season is fast approaching!
CoachesWe are happy to announce that our terrific Head Coach Rich Leeds is back for another season. We want to thank our alumni swimmers and coaches, Josh Petersen and Shelby Denney, for their many years of dedicated service to the team and wish them well as they move on with their lives and careers in health and education. We have been fortunate to hire Taylor Bleidt and Jaime Stevens who are very accomplished swimmers and coaches from great programs to carry our team forward (their bio’s will be posted in the SWAMP). In addition, we have two upper division swimmers, Brian Long and Ethan Schick, that will help them with the lower division practices. So, we will have four coaches working the 10-12 and 9 & under practices. We also plan to offer stroke clinics this year (more on that in a future update).
Registration forms can be found in the SWAMP. These can be mailed to the address listed on the form, brought to the final clinic on Sunday, or to the pool once we begin practices. There are 3 forms (registration, release of liability & medical history). Forms and fees must be received by Thursday May 30th to compete in the first dual meet on June 1st. Thursday June 6th is the last day to register and pay for the summer swim season.

Because our pool is being renovated, the first week of after school practices will be held at the Morse Park pool at 8180 W. 20th Ave. (Green Mtn. Rec. and Carmody were not available). Go north on Kipling, east on 20th to Carr and you are there. Practice times are as follows: 9 & unders 4:30-5:30 pm, 10-12 year olds 5:30-6:30 pm, and 13-18 year olds 6:30-8:00 pm. Since we have to pay for pool time, we encourage all Gators to attend as many practices as possible. We plan to return to our newly painted pool the following week. Future practice times will be posted in the SWAMP.
The first Intrasquad meet and parent meeting
will be held Wednesday May 29th. The goal of the intrasquad is to introduce new Gators to racing and to obtain entry times for the first meet on June 1st. The full meet schedule with warmup times will be posted in the SWAMP.

Suit fittings will take place at the Green Mtn. Rec Center this Sunday, May 19th, between 4:30 and 7:00 pm. If your swimmer needs to try on a suit, please make sure they are dry! We should have the suits 2 weeks after the order is placed.
We look forward to another great summer of conditioning, competition, and fun.
Go Gators!
Green Mountain Swim Team Board
Al Hofstra, Grace Long, Beth Schick, Carol Wilsey


No Swim Clinic Today

Because of the snow, the Green Mountain Recreation Center is closed, so no swim clinic tonight (Feb.24).

Swim Clinic 2/24

Hello Gators,

I hope everyone is doing well! We wanted to let you know that practice tonight is cancelled due to the snow. Maybe we can get a snow day tomorrow too!! Have a good night off!

Coach Shelby