2010 FSA Division II League Champions

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Still awaiting results...

...but I do know this.

> The team finished 6th in our division!
> We set 3 more new team records on Sunday (Inez Moore, Cody Spencer, Elise Chevalier)

Now, if you've ever seen how well-behaved your coaches and teammates are compared to some of those other teams, that last bullet might come as a shock, but I guess it really happened! But a huge congratulations to EVERYONE involved with this season and this meet, and I promise that as soon as someone sends me something here (cough cough COACH RICH cough) I'll get those results up.

Thanks for an AWESOME season and congratulations on all of your accomplishments! Nothing would have been possible without all of your hard work!

Coach Luke


Huge State Start!

Hello All -

While I'm comfortably tucked away back in my New Orleans home, some major happenings have taken place in Golden at the 2009 State meet! Although I certainly don't know all, I do know that we have had 4 wins (Boys 9-10, 50 Breast (Tristan G), 50 Free (Dylan J), 100 IM (Dylan J); Boys 11-12, 50 Fly (Ethan S)) and have set (more like, reset) 5 team records in the process (Dylan broke the 200 free record again en route to an awesome 2nd place finish!)

Congrats to those swimmers and everyone else who competed today! We're in 13th OVERALL (!!) and 4th in Division II. Top 4 get a trophy! Cheer on your fellow swimmers and check back for final results!


Coach Luke