2010 FSA Division II League Champions

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Stroke Clinic Sign Ups

Here is the link to sign up for Tuesday's butterfly clinic, and Thursday's starts and turns clinic.



Weekly Update

Hi Gators! This week there will only be practice Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Wednesday we will take our team picture, have some pancakes, and then head over to WaterWorld! Friday is the Fourth of July, so there will be no practice. Hopefully everyone gets to do something fun! I know all of you are tired coming off of Gator Week and all four meets we had this week, but we had some great swims this weekend.We did win our dual meet on Saturday, so we have won all of our dual meets so far. Keep up the good work!!
Clinics this week will be butterfly on Tuesday, and starts and turns on Thursday. Sign ups will be posted tomorrow morning.


AAC Relay Meet

There have been several questions about the AAC Relay Meet that will take place this Wednesday, June 25th, and I just got more information about the meet. Relay meets are super fun meets to go to, and swimmers have a lot of fun competing in different relay events! For this meet, each relay will consist of two girls and two boys, and each swimmer can compete in up to four relays. The entries for this meet are due tomorrow night, so I will be making relays and turning in the entries some time later tonight or in the morning. Please sign up tonight so that I know you will be there!

On Wednesday, the meet will be at the Applewood Athletic Club pool. Our warm-up will be from 2-2:30pm, and the meet will start at 3pm. 

Some examples of events for this meet are a medley relay, back/breast relay, fly relay, back relay, IM relay (where each swimmer swims a 100IM), fly/free relay, etc. 



Awesome job this weekend Gators!! We had lots of best times, new cuts, and lots of team spirit. Because of all your hard work, Green Mountain placed SECOND overall, and because of all your cheering and excitement, we also won the SPIRIT AWARD! At the end of the meet, a couple coaches from other teams came up to me to congratulate our team on really stepping it up this year. I could not be more happy or more proud of every single one of you who swam this weekend!

Keep up the good work! :)


Friday Practice

Hi Gators, there is still practice tomorrow! We will be doing some warm up sets for the meet. Upper division practice will start at 7am instead of 6:30am, but all other practices will be the same.

I really want to win the Spirit Award again this year, so I would love it if all swimmers could come up with something fun to show our team spirit!



I wanted to give you all plenty of notice that practice tonight will be cancelled due to the thunder and lightning. We will try again tomorrow night!

Gator Week:

The time has come.  Time to lift the shroud of mystery that surrounds what has infamously become known as "Gator Week".  

Undoubtedly you have by now come to know the phrase "Gator Week"; either from your fellow swimmers or even directly from one of the coaches.  And I'm also sure by now that you have gathered, to a small degree, what this week will entail.  The coaches have been dropping hints and writing menacing messages on the white board at practice for a couple of weeks. Perhaps by now, you may even be slightly afraid.  You may be thinking to yourself, "Maybe this will be the week I take an unexpected vacation".  But you shouldn't....and you won't. The magnitude of "Gator Week" is truly incomprehensible to all of you....At least it was, until now.

"Gator Week" is coming and it's time you got the 411 on what it is, when it is, and how to prepare - so here it is.

"Gator Week" begins next Monday and will persist through the whole week of practice.  You may feel nervous about it, and that's exactly how us coaches want you to feel.  But the reasons why we want you to feel this way are different than what you may expect.  "Gator Week" (I'm considering getting the phrase trade-marked) is more than just a week of hard practice.  It is more than the coaches laying down the hammer for seemingly no reason at all.  "Gator Week" is an obstacle or better yet, a challenge.  One which we hope all of you strive to conquer.  Practices during this week are going to be exceedingly difficult, but not a single one of them will be impossible.  

"Gator Week" isn't simply a week of physical punishment.  It's more importantly about a mind-set.  Our hope for you as coaches is that you will come to practice during "Gator Week" and approach each day with the confidence that you can accomplish something great by just putting your mind to it.  This is the week where that voice in your head that whispers "I can't do it" is put to rest.  We challenge every single one of you to make every practice possible during this week and approach each one of them with the attitude that you are unbeatable.  More importantly,we would like to see all of you walk away from this week with a new sense of confidence that every goal you set is achievable - if you decide to work at it.

The coaches are getting creative with the workouts and each day will have a particular "flavor" to it.  Not every day is going to consist of a soul-crushing amount of yards or an over-abundance of sprint, but every day will be a challenge that we want to see you overcome.

A couple quick notes:

  • Asthma - Swimmers with asthma; please be sure to bring your inhalers this week!  There will be some days that may trigger an asthma attack due to the nature of the practice.  While our goal is not to give anybody an asthma attack we would like you to be prepared.
  • Breakfast - If you wish to get the most out of these practices it would be wise to eat a light breakfast beforehand. Banana's, granola, yogurt,and whole-grain cereals are good options.
  • Hydration - Try to bring a water bottle or better yet a bottle of Gatorade to every practice.
More tips will follow in the days to come.


Josh, Jaimie, Porter.  


Weekly Update

Hi Gators! I sent in Ken Caryl entries this morning, and will have them at practice tomorrow. A couple of you who do not have individual qualifying times may be on relays, so make sure to check with me!

Swim clinics this week will be breaststroke on Tuesday, June 17, and starts and turns on Thursday, June 19. The link to sign up is below. Please remember there is a limit of 8 swimmers per clinic, and each swimmer gets 2 clinics for the summer. Clinics are held from 9:45am-10:30am. I think they have really been helping so far!

See you all at the pool :)



Ken Caryl Invite

Great job this morning Gators! 

Next weekend we will be swimming at Ken Caryl Ranch for the Ken Caryl Invite. I am doing the entries tonight for those who have qualified (there will be NO ONLINE entries for this meet). Please TEXT me at (612) 810-7879 by 8am Sunday morning (tomorrow) if you have qualified but DO NOT plan to attend.

On Friday June 20th, the 13-18 400 frees start at 1pm. All other events for upper division start at 4pm on Friday.

On Saturday June 21st, the 9-10 boys and 11-12 boys and girls start at 7am. 

Also on Saturday June 21st, 9-10 girls and all 8&unders start at noon.

I will let everyone know at practice what time warm ups will be.

This is a big meet where lots of League or State cuts can be made, so please try your best to come and swim fast! Last year we won the Team Spirit award at this meet, and I would love to win it again! Come ready to cheer :)

Email me or text me with any questions!


Stop by to see me...

I have been doing the computer work for the Gators for many years. I don't even know how many! My swimmer is getting older and it is time to start training someone to take over.

Stop by the computer table on Saturday during the meet if you are interested in learning about this job. If you like data and running pretty decent software + doing some work on The Swamp (blog web site) this is fun. At meets you get to see who wins (officially) first! It is easy to watch your child swim because you are right there, and can hop up to watch any race. You get to be in the shade and everyone thinks you are important!

See me to learn more. If you aren't at the meet Saturday, feel free to contact me another time.

Night Practice Canceled

Happy Thursday gators! Awesome job at the meet last night. I was impressed with how well you all swam even with the cold weather.

Night practice tonight is canceled--Porter and Ethan are out of town, Josh is working tonight, and I'm not feeling well. I'm really sorry, and I hope you enjoy the rest!


Have a Hamburger!

During the intrasquad meet on Wednesday evening enjoy a hamburger or hot dog (and all the other goodies they sell) from the Snack Shack at the pool. The grill will be up and running so you won't have to go hungry.


Weekly Update

AWESOME JOB THIS WEEKEND GATORS!! We had some unbelievable time drops, and we won our second meet!

This Wednesday we will have our second Intrasquad meet. Warm up will start at 5pm, and the meet will start at 5:30. Please sign up online by Tuesday at 5pm so we can start getting everything together. If you do not get signed up on time, please show up to Green Mountain around 4:45 on Wednesday to deck enter by the heating shed.

Swim clinics this week will be backstroke on Tuesday, and another starts and turns clinic on Thursday. The clinics will run from 9:45-10:30am and there is an 8 swimmer limit in each clinic. Please remember each swimmer is only allowed 2 clinics so that everyone has a chance to come to one. There is a link to sign up for this week below.

Let's have another great week Gators!



Water World Tickets

Tickets now available. See the "Important Information" section on the right for complete information.


Heat Shed Training Friday Morning

Volunteer where the action is!
We are in need of heating shed volunteers. We are going to hold an informal training session led by experienced parents this Friday (June 6th) at 9:00 am at the pool.
We would like to shoot for having 10 parents there. We encourage all families to be involved and we can't run meets without these important people.
What happens in the heating shed? (No, it's not a place to get warm when it's a cold morning!)
Volunteers sort entry cards and help swimmers get to their correct lanes. The little kids especially need help, particularly on the 8 & under relays.
Hope to see you there!


Weekly Update

Great job at the meet Gators!! We had some great swims, and all that hard work helped us win our first dual meet. We're off to a great start!

This week, we will start swim clinics for 12 and under swimmers. Tuesday's swim clinic will focus on freestyle, and Thursday's swim clinic will focus on starts and turns. There is a limit of 8 swimmers per clinic, and it will be first come, first served. The sign up is available through this link. If you sign up and realize you cannot make it, please remove your name so someone else can have a chance. 

See you tomorrow!