2010 FSA Division II League Champions

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Interested in singing the National Anthem at League?

We are looking for a Green Mountain Gator that is interested in singing the National Anthem at the League meet on Sunday, July 19th.  If this is something you are interested in please email Jennifer at cjmfriedrichs@aol.com by July 6th.  We will hold auditions once we have a list of interested singers.

Pictures, Pancakes and Water World--Wednesday

Pictures, pancakes and Water World (oh my!)

We will be having a fun day on JULY 1st.  This day will begin at the pool at 7:30 for pictures followed by a pancake breakfast and (if you bought tickets) then it will end at Water World.
We will be starting pictures promptly at 7:30 at the pool.  If you are planning on having individual pictures taken please be here at 7:30.  If you are getting individual pictures taken you will need an order form (one per swimmer).  These order forms are in the family swimmer folders or can be completed in the morning.  Please bring your completed order form with you along with your payment.  If you are not doing individual pictures we would like you at the pool at 8:00 so we can begin lining up for the team photo.  If you are just purchasing a team photo you will not need to complete a form we will just have a list for this.
We will be having “gator pancakes” after all the pictures are done.  Parents we will be looking for volunteers to help make pancakes and also some fruit to be donated.  Please sign-up on this link to help before, during and/or after.  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c054caba822a75-pancake2
Then if you have purchased tickets to Water World you will be off to spend the day there.  You can purchase Water World tickets for $30.99/ticket through the link provided.  https://calypsoclub.waterworldcolorado.com (and enter this personalized Store Name: GMST).  You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from Water World.  
This will be a fun day!  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Important Announcements for This Weekend!!

Hi Gators! I'm getting really excited to see you all swim fast at the meet this weekend :) I have a couple of notes for you all so that you're prepared for the meet:

Upper Division:

Tomorrow's practice will start at 7am and go until 8am like normal. We will do a longer meet warm up and pace work for those of you swimming tomorrow afternoon. It is extremely important to get a good warm up in for big meets like this, and I am expecting all upper division swimmers who are swimming tomorrow to attend practice. I promise that you will not be too tired to race in the afternoon.

Warm ups for the 400s will be at 12 noon. The 400 session will start at 1:00pm.

Warm ups for the rest of the 13-18 events will be from 3-3:25pm, with that session starting at 4pm.

Lower Division:

Please come to your normal practice times tomorrow. We will be working on starts, turns, and other things specific to your races this weekend.

Warm ups for 9-10 boys and ALL 11-12s will be from 6-6:25am on Saturday morning, with the session starting at 7am.

Warm ups for 9-10 girls and ALL 8&unders will be from 12:25-12:50pm with the session starting at 1pm.

All Swimmers:

Last year we got SECOND place at this meet, which was amazing for our team!! We would love to place this well again, so come ready to swim FAST!! There is also a Spirit Award at this meet. We have won the past few years--make sure to show your Gator spirit while you are there by cheering everyone on.

The weather is often unpredictable for this meet. I know last year we had a 2 hour delay on Saturday for rain and lightning. Please make sure to bring warm clothes and extra towels just in case! Please also make sure you're drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, especially if it's super hot out.

For parents: the host team has asked that we remind you that parking rules are in effect. Last year, cars that were parked too close to hydrants, street corners, and driveways were ticketed. Please get there early to allow yourself time to find a legal parking spot!!

Ken Caryl Invitational meet

Please note that the parent volunteer sign-up for the Ken Caryl meet is now posted. 
Parent Volunteer Sign-up
Also the warm up times have been modified to show our teams scheduled time.
Please let us or a coach know if you have questions.


Next Weeks Schedule (06.29-07.03)

Please be aware of our schedule for next week.
Monday 06.29--No practice
Tuesday 06.30--morning practice
Wednesday 07.01--pictures, pancakes and Water World (another message on this later)
Thursday 07.02--morning practice
Friday 07.03--No practice

Then we will be back to our regularly scheduled swim practice the week of 07.06

Notes from Intrasquad

Thank you to the parents and swimmers that waited out the storm with us.  Mother Nature didn't cooperate very well tonight and the Intrasquad meet didn't go as planned.  We are glad some swimmers got their swims in that they needed and appreciate the parents that stayed and helped with timing so this could happen.
Notes from Parent Meeting:  We will be needing your help with the League meet July 18th and 19th.  We will have some responsibilities posted soon and would appreciate parents taking these and with additional volunteers getting these completed.  Please keep an eye on the Blog as we will be posting this important information in the next few days.
We have a busy swim weekend......Go Get 'em Gators!

Intrasquad meet postponed

The Intrasquad meet is still on. We are delaying due to the weather. We are hoping to start around 6pm. Do the rain dance and see you soon!


Intrasquad-June 24th

Gators get ready to swim!  Tomorrow (Wednesday) night is our 2nd Intrasquad.

  • Warm-ups begin at 5:00pm and the meet begins at 5:30pm
  • Parents remember there is a mandatory parent meeting at 5:00pm to discuss GMST hosting League
  • Gator apparel will be on sale
  • Green Mountain Swim Club will have the snack shack open and will also be barbequing hot dogs and hamburgers.  They accept cash and credit cards.
  • Also don't forget to check your swimmer folders for picture order forms and directions on how to purchase water world tickets.
See you all tomorrow! Swim fast!


Green Mountain Swim Club needs your help

The Green Mountain Swim Club is your community pool and it needs your help. 
View this email in your browser
The Green Mountain Swim Club is your community pool and it needs your help. The primary source of income for our pool is from our membership fees. Because of lowered membership, pool repairs, and a significant amount of unpaid federal payroll taxes (from prior years, that the current board inherited), the club is struggling.

For over four years we have been trying to get our property taxes waived due to our non-profit status and we hope to have it resolved soon. Throughout this process, we set aside the money to pay the county should we need to, but last season we had to use some of it to keep the pool open through the end of the season (i.e. payroll, taxes, and utilities.)

To see a generalized breakdown of where your membership fee currently goes, visit our website at greenmountainswimclub.org/members. GMSC financials are available via Nicole Koenig at treasurer@greenmountainswimclub.org.

The strength of our pool is in its members. We want to make you, our membership, aware of these issues and ask for your help. Things you can do:
  • Tell all of your friends why you enjoy this pool and encourage them to become members. Our membership fees are significantly lower than other clubs in the Lakewood area. Any questions, contact Danielle Nicholson at membership@greenmountainswimclub.org.
  • Do you know of a business that could benefit from our sponsorship program? Contact Heidi Hafner atmarketing@greenmountainswimclub.org or find information at greenmountainswimclub.org/sponsorship.
  • If you have any ideas for events or fundraising, contact Kristy Patterson at events@greenmountainswimclub.org.
  • Use our King Soopers cards! They don't cost you a thing but are benefit to you and the pool. To get started, emailfundraising@greenmountainswimclub.org.
  • Are you able to make a tax-deductible donation? Contact Ann Felton at secretary@greenmountainswimclub.org.
  • Want to take on a more active role at GMSC? Consider becoming a board member. We are still looking to fill some positions starting next year.  If interested, email Ann Felton atsecretary@greenmountainswimclub.org.
  • Is there project at the pool that you would like to solve? Contact Ben Brauch at maintenance@greenmountainswimclub.org.
  • What are your ideas? Please feel free to contact Todd Bellot atpresident@greenmountainswimclub.org or JT Gaietto atvicepresident@greenmountainswimclub.org.

The Green Mountain Swim Club is a non-profit organization that helps the community by providing a fun and safe environment for our families. There is still much to be celebrated, including the continued success of our mighty Gators Swim Team and our new sponsorship program that is bringing in much needed income. Our special events (i.e. Teen Nights, July 4th Celebration, etc.) are fun for all who come. We also provide employment for our local youth as lifeguards and snack shack attendants. The all-volunteer board wants this to continue long into the future.

Please join us at our upcoming Community and Board Meetings starting at 6:30 pm at GMSC...Thursday, June 25th, Sunday, June 28th, and Wednesday, July 8th.
We know the pool can count on you! Thank you.
Green Mountain Swim Club Board

Busy Gator week

I wanted to remind you of all the events happening for the Gators this coming week. 

  • The entries are posted for the Ken Caryl Invitational meet.  All swimmers should review this to see if they are swimming in an event.  If you are signed up to swim, please verbally confirm with Jaimie that you will be there, so we can ensure your attendance.
  • Tuesday night, June 23rd by 8pm is the deadline to sign-up for the Intrasquad meet.  Each swimmer is allowed to sign-up for two events.
  • Wednesday night, June 24th we will have our Intrasquad meet @ 5:30pm with warm-ups at 5pm.  We will also be having a MANDATORY parent meeting to discuss GM Gators hosting the Foothills Swim Association League meet on July 18th-19th.
  • Thursday night, June 25th will be the deadline to sign-up for the swim meets on Sunday (June 28th). Please sign up no later than 7pm.  On Sunday there will be two optional swim meets if your swimmer wishes to take part in them.  First, is the AAC Pentathlon meet in which the swimmer must have a B or better time in 3 of the 4 strokes.  Next, is the C/D meet @ Mt. Vernon.  This meet is for swimmers who currently have a C or D time in an event and are trying to better this time.  The sign ups for these meets are on the right hand side of the blog. 
  • Friday, June 26th is the Ken Caryl Invitational for 13+ swimmers.  The warm-up and start times are posted under important dates.
  • Saturday, June 27th is the Ken Caryl Invitational for 12&Unders.  The warm-up and age group start times are posted under important dates.
Here's to a fun week!  Swim Fast!


Thank you parents

Thank you parents for coming together and helping with the swim meet today.  It takes many people to make this event successful.  We appreciate your commitment to the swim team.  It was a long and hot day today,  so thank you for spending it with us.


Parent Volunteers for tomorrows meet

Attention swimmer parents: 
We are still in need of volunteers for tomorrow meet.  Please see the sign-up genius link to fill in vacant spots.  Thank you in advance for your time and support in your child's swimming.
Parent Volunteer AAC@GM 


Rescheduled Intrasquad--next Wednesday

Please mark your calendars for our rescheduled Intrasquad meet.  We will have this meet next Wednesday, June 24th @ 5:30pm (warm-ups at 5pm).  We will not be participating in the AAC relays this day as we think the Intrasquad is more beneficial to our swimmers.  The forms to sign-up for events and parent volunteers is coming soon.
Thank you for your patience and we appreciate your cooperation in the canceling and rescheduling of our 2nd Intrasquad. 


Donut Day tomorrow

Tomorrow we will have donuts after each practice session.  See you bright and early!

Ken Caryl Invitational Meet-June 26th and June 27th

Next weekend is the Ken Caryl Invitational Meet (Friday night and all day Saturday).  This swim meet is for swimmers who have specific qualifying times for this meet.  We are asking EVERY swimmer to complete the following sign-ups to let the coaches know if you are available to swim on these dates.  This meet does not follow the regular order of events so the schedule looks like the following:
06.26.15 @ 12:30pm all 400 swimmers
06.26.15 @ 3:00pm all 13-18 swimmers
06.27.15 @ 6:00am all 11-12 and Boys 9-10
06.27.15 @ 12:00pm Girls 9-10 and all 8&Unders
If the swimmer has qualified for an event we are expecting them to swim in this event.  If a swimmer has qualified for more than 3 events the coaches will be determining what events will be swam.

All swimmers are asked to complete this form even if they don't have qualifying times, because they maybe needed for a relay.  Also, just by stating you can participate does not guarantee you to swim. It is imperative that once entries are posted that they are reviewed to make sure all swimmers are aware and able to participate.

It is important that you or your swimmer completes this form by Friday night due to entries being completed Saturday.  If you have any questions and/or concerns please let me or a coach know.



Hi Gators! I received a call from the pool that a swimmer had an accident this afternoon, so the pool will be closed for 13 hours while it is being sanitized. Therefore, we will be unable to have our intrasquad meet tonight. I know that some swimmers were hoping to qualify for the Ken Caryl Invite tonight. If that's the case, please sign up to swim those events this Saturday instead. We will be sending in Ken Caryl entries Saturday evening, so the times that you get on Saturday will count!! 

We will still have practice tomorrow morning, as the pool will be clean and ready for use by then.

Please watch the blog this afternoon and tomorrow for more information about Ken Caryl sign ups!

Thank you, and I sincerely apologize that the meet had to be canceled tonight. I know it's a bummer! See you all in the morning.



Intrasquad tomorrow night

Just a reminder that tomorrow night is our 2nd Intrasquad meet.  Swimmers need to be to the pool by 5pm for warm-ups and the meet starts at 5:30pm.  If you haven't already signed up for your two events please do so by tonight.
During the Intrasquad, the snack shack will be open selling all the snack bar food as well as cooking hamburgers and hotdogs.  GMSC also accepts credit cards so you can eat dinner at the pool without remembering your cash:)
See you tomorrow and let's swim fast!


Few Notes

This message includes a few random notes on many topics.

  • First, we want to thank everyone for being patient with us while we waited for Wheat Ridge to send us the meet file for the meet program.  We were aware that swimmers were swimming with NT (no time) for events they swam at that meet.  We appreciate you parents and swimmers being understanding and this issue has been resolved.
  • Second, we are starting our strokes and starts/turns clinic this week.  These clinics will be held on Tuesday/Thursday from 9:45-10:15.  These clinics will focus on one stroke or starts/turns per session.  Please sign up for the clinic that will be most beneficial to your swimmer.  Each swimmer is allowed to sign-up for up to two clinics.  This will allow many swimmers to participate.  Please see the attached sign-up genius which lists what will be worked on for these dates.  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c054caba822a75-stroke
  • Next, we are going to make all entries for dual meets (Saturday meets) due by 9:00pm on Wednesday nights.  So please add or change your reminder so that you will get a notification to make sure you signed up by Wednesday.  This allows us to get our entries in and relays organized.  
  • Lastly, thank you to all the parents who have volunteered so far this season.  Our swim team is run completely on by volunteers and we couldn't do it without all of you.  We appreciate you!
  • Go Gators!  Swim Fast!


Water World tickets

To all Green Mountain Swim Team members:

We are excited to announce that Green Mountain Swim Team has signed up for The Calypso Club Discount Ticket Program (through Water World).  As a member of this program, you are now able to buy discounted tickets for Water World with the added convenience of printing your admission tickets from your computer and presenting them at the entrance turnstiles bypassing ticket booth lines. Purchasing admission tickets has never been easier!

You may purchase tickets immediately by visiting our exclusive Calypso Club Discount Ticket Store in the following way:

Go direct to our online store 24/7 at https://calypsoclub.waterworldcolorado.com and enter this personalized Store Name: GMST

These tickets can be used on July 1st for Gator day at Water World or any day during the season.  You are also able to purchase as many tickets as you need.

We hope you and your family are able to enjoy a day at Water World this summer season!
Please let me know if you have any questions about this.


Applewood Knolls Meet Entries are Posted

Since there's no practice Friday, be sure to check out the meet entries and relays posted on the blog. Go Gators!

Practice tomorrow=CANCELLED

Practice is cancelled for tomorrow (Friday) morning.  Due to the weather and temperatures we have decided to cancel practice.  Enjoy sleeping in. 
Please be at Applewood Knolls on Saturday by 6:30am for warm-ups.
Let's be ready to swim fast!


Directions for washing tie-dye

Thank you everyone who was there tonight to tie-dye their Gator apparel.  I am glad Mother Nature decided to agree with us.  Here are important instructions on how to wash your newly tie-dyed items.

Tie-Dye washing instructions:
Please wait 24 hours to wash. Leave the item in the bag until you are ready to wash.  While the shirt is still tied, it needs to be rinsed under cold running water.  When you see very little dye running off the item, start to gradually remove the rubber bands while still rinsing.  Get as much dye out as possible this way.  Immediately after rinsing wash the item ( by itself ) with cold water and soap in the washing machine.  Once this item has been washed and dried you are good to wear. 
Wear your Gator gear around the pool
Go Gators!!!!


Tie-Dye and Ice Cream party--this Wednesday

Please don't forget that this Wednesday is our Tie-Dye and Ice Cream party.  All the details from before are the same.  This will start at 6:30pm, t-shirts and tank tops will still be $10.00, we will provide the tie-dye and ice cream, and have lots of fun! 
Hope the weather cooperates with us!  If the weather doesn't look great please check the blog before heading here. 

Also Big/Little swim buddies are posted at the pool.  If you haven't already looked at this please do so.  If you are not sure who your big/little buddy is please ask a coach and we will get you introduced.


Meet tomorrow

Tomorrow is our first home meet.  Swimmers will arrive by 6am for warm-up and the meet will start at 7am.  With all first meets of the season, there are always some issues and our first issue is that we didn't receive the meet file from WheatRidge. This means our swimmers are swimming with NT (no time).  We apologize that the meet isn't heated in the most productive way, but we will do our best to heat swimmers so they are competitively matched.  We appreciate your patience with this. 
Also parents we still have a few opportunities for you to volunteer.  If you are going to be at the swim meet tomorrow please help volunteer your time and watch your swimmers up close and personal.
See you bright and early.


Tie-Dye postponed

Due to the weather and possibility of more storms we are postponing the Tie-Dye and Ice Cream party. We are going to move this to next Wednesday, June 10th, same time, same place.
Hope to see you then. Thanks for understanding.

Gator t-shirt and tank sale

Gator T-Shirt and Tank sale!!!! We will be selling Gator t-shirts and tanks for $10 each tonight only. You can get your shirt to wear around the pool or use them to tie-dye. See you for tie-dye and ice cream at 6:30.


Evening Practices for Upper Division

Hi Gators! Evening practices for the Upper Division swimmers will start tomorrow. Evening practices will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-9pm. Evening practices are not required, but are available to Upper Division swimmers who need extra work on strokes, turns, etc. They are not meant to be a substitution to coming in the mornings, unless something other than sleep requires that you miss a morning practice. 

Since there were several times last year where a coach showed up and no swimmers showed up, this year I am asking if you are planning on coming to an evening practice, that you text me by 3pm that day so that Porter or I can plan on being there. If I do not receive a text by 3pm, we will assume no one is coming and we won't make the drive over.

Thank you, and let me know if you have any questions :)

Tie-Dye and Ice Cream

We will have our annual Gator tie-dye and ice cream party on Wednesday, June 3rd.  We will start the tie-dye at 6:30 pm and ice cream will be served shortly after.  We would appreciate a few parent volunteers that would help serve ice cream and monitor toppings.
Here are a few helpful hints for tie-dye:

  • You will need to bring your own item to tie-dye (shirt, socks, towel, etc.)
  • We will have white Gator t-shirts and tank tops available for purchase if you want to tie-dye these.  They are $12.00 each (we accept cash or checks)
  • If possible please bring your item you are tie-dying already rubber banded in the patter you want
  • We will be supplying the dye (green, yellow and blue), directions on how to care for these items and baggies to take these home in
  • Have fun!!!!!!
We encourage you all to wear your new tie-dye gator items the rest of the season to show our Gator team spirit.
The announcement of swimming buddies will be announced and posted at this event too!
Also if the weather cooperates the pool will be open for the kids to swim.

Are you swimming this summer? Make sure you are completely registered

Attention Swimmers (and Parents):
The final day to sign up for the Gator summer swim team is JUNE 4TH.  Each swimmer MUST be signed up (through the Blog), payment received, emergency consent form and release of liability forms must be turned in if you want to swim on Saturday.  We need to ensure all of these pieces to registration are completed by Thursday.  You will not be allowed to swim in the meet on Saturday if all of these items are not completed.
Please let us know if you have questions regarding this.