2010 FSA Division II League Champions

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State Gators

Hey All

So we have decided to just warm-up at the Splash during our scheduled time. I think we will have plenty of room and time to get warmed up. Please remember that parking might be a little tight so you might want to get there early to make sure you get a spot and can get to the tent.

If you have any questions about this weekend feel free to contact me.

Coach Rich


Gator Awards

Hi all

Just wanted to send out a reminder about the banquet tonight. Dinner will be starting at 5:30.Please remember that last names A-N should bring a dessert and O-Z a side dish. Sorry for the late notice we all know prompt blog posts aren't my thing.

Coach Rich


Gators Claw To Top of League Food Chain

All I have to say is WOW!

For those you who have not heard yet you are now reading the 2010 Division II League Champions Gator's Blog. I wanted to thank all of you who swam or cheered this weekend, we would not have been able to do it without you.

We will not be having practice tomorrow to give everyone a chance to catch up on sleep and get ready for state. State entries are posted at the pool and I will get them on the blog when I get to a computer that still has windows xp and is compatible with our teams computer. Let me know if you have any questions or problems with the entries assap.

Practice for the rest of the week will be as follows
Upper division 7:30am-8:30am
Lower Division 8:30am-9:00am

Sorry this is short but I have to get back to the post league celebration.

Coach Rich


League Weekend and Directions

League week is here!!!

As promised here is the address to the pool. I will also post a link under Important Links to the right of this post to help you find the pool.

Columbine Knolls Pool
6191 S. Plymouth Drive
Littleton, CO 80128

Please remember to leave extra time to find the pool if you have not been there before. The meet is going to be close so we need everyone at warm-ups so they will swim extra fast.

See you there


Trafic Jam


I am excited to see you all tonight at the ice cream social. Hope fully you will eat some ice cream dye some shirts and watch the parents and upper division loose to the coaches in a medley relay. I think the parents have been a little scared and have been practicing the rain dance so that they don’t have to face us coaches.

After looking at the warm-up schedule for league I saw that we only have two lanes for 20 minutes to warm-up 56 swimmers. I think some of our 8 and under swimmers would get run over with 28 other swimmers in their lane. So in order get a complete warm-up in for everyone the upper division swimmers will be warming up at GMSC at 6:30am both Saturday and Sunday. We will warm up till 7:00 and then head down to CKST. Upper division if you need a ride from GMST to CKST after warm-up you need to ask myself or another swimmer we can work out some kind of carpool. We will have to leave no later than 7:30 so please be on time to the warm-up.

That’s it for now

Coach Rich


The Winning Way


Hi all I hope that everyone had a great weekend. We have a lot going on this week so if you are confused in any way about anything please feel free to call me or shoot me an email.

First of all as many of you know league week is upon us I know it has come up fast but I know all of you are ready to swim fast and in order to insure that you do here some tips from the coaches for this week.

1. Practice! I know you are not Allen Iverson and you all know how important practice is it is even more important this week. It is extra important to not only attend practice but also to listen to what the coaches are telling you.

2. Sleep. Sleep is very important, I myself get to bed every day by 8 pm just so I have enough energy to coach all of you in the mornings. I suggest all of you do the same.

3. Relax. It is important for all of you to try and stay off your feet and relax as much as possible

4. Eat Right. Make sure you are eating healthy food. Whole grain pastas with tomato sauce, fruits, veggies. Try to stay away from pop and sugar.

Follow these steps to a successful league meet.

On Wednesday @ 6:00 this week we will be having an Ice Cream/T-shirt dying party. This will be a B.Y.O.T party also know as Bring Your Own T-shirt party. As promised last week the coaches will be putting on a show against the parents and upper division in the annual coaches relay. This will count as your sugar for the day so make sure to eat a healthy lunch.

I have posted a link with the league entries on the blog. These well be the entries at league unless you spoke with me this morning I made those changes. If you are having trouble opening the link try using a different browser if was having trouble using internet explorer.

See you at the pool

Coach Rich


A Lesson Postponed


Due to weather the last 2 1/2 events from last night’s intra-squad were postponed until this evening. If you were entered in one of these events and would like to swim it tonight, we will be warming up around 7:30 and getting started at 8:00 keep in mind we only had a dozen or so events left so it should go quickly. The Coach’s and Parents relay has been postponed till next Wednesday at the ice cream social. That way there will be lots of you there to see the coaches give a live demonstration on how to win to both the upper division and the parent relays.

This weekend is another busy weekend for some of us gators. We have our last dual meet of the season on Saturday against Wheat Ridge at GMSC and on Sunday we have the last chance meet at Green Mountain Rec Center. In order to swim in the last chance meet you have to swim events that you have a B time in and are going for a league time or an event you have a league time in and are going for a state time. There is no need to sign up for this meet, just show up to the Rec Center for warm-up and we will give you cards to fill out.

We will be sending in league entries after the last chance meet on Sunday. Because we have a good chance to place high at league the coaches will have final say on what events swimmers are swimming at league if they have qualified in more than three. However if you have a preference please send me and email with what you would like to swim we will take it in to consideration. Please title the subject of those emails as “League Entries”.

I have added some new photos to the blog’s slideshow so check them out and send me any photos that you would like to see up there.

I think that is it for now.

Coach Rich


Tri-ing Gators Come Up Just Short

Gators I know this weekend’s meet was long but you all truly swam amazing. I am sad to say that although you all swam fast we lost a close meet to the Stingrays however we did beat 5Parks who beat us early this year at the swamp. We were really close to beating the Stingrays so lets make sure we get them at league. I Google Docs is having some problems so I was unable to post the meet results and the updated best times sheet. I will work on getting those posted as soon as possible. There will be a best times sheet in the book at the pool.

Todd Otto has informed me that he does not read the blog, instead he expects me to tell him all the important stuff that he is responsible for. And because we all know that he is too busy talking a practice to listen to me, I need your help informing him about up coming events. So please if you see Todd lounging at the pool please relay the following info to him. The more people that tell him the more likely it will stick.

Sign up for the last intra squad has started. If you missed practice today make sure and sign up tomorrow or else you will have to deck enter with cards. If you have not signed up yet and can’t be at practice tomorrow please feel free to email me your entries and I will get you in the meet. As many of you are aware the last intra squad is not only one of your last opportunities to improve your times. But it is also your chance to see the coaches teach the upper division a thing or two about the medley relay in the coaches relay. The Shelbanator has already practiced her victory dance. So don’t be surprised if the upper division swimmers are too scared to show up on Wednesday.

During the meet team T-shirts will also be on sale. They make great tie die shirts so you might want to pick a few. Old shirts will be $5, new Shirts will be $10 and new logo caps will be $10 (they are amazing).


Gators On Ice

Sorry that I have neglected all of my faithful followers these past few days. I went camping for the 4th and was completely distracted by all of the sweet fire works. I don’t really have to much to tell you except we will not be going to odd events tonight or tomorrow night due to lack interest and length of the meet. Looks like a good decision due to the weather. If you would like to sign up for the meet Saturday you need to sign up by tomorrows practice or else you will have to deck enter. Keep in mind it will be a long meet so plan to be there late.

Upper division we will play water polo Thursday night at 8 so if you would like to play come stop by.

Plan on having practice tomorrow unless the weather is really bad. I will try and post on the blog if we cancel it but some times the software doesn’t work on my phone very well.

Until then have fun and stay warm

Coach Rich.

Practice 7/7/10 has been canceled for 8 and under


Once A Gator Always A Gator

Hey all,

I hope you all are excited for the 4th and are taking advantage of the weekend off.

I found it interesting that Coach Luke is so busy down south that he could find time to come visit us at the swamp but he was able to find time to post on our blog and stock us all through Ken-Caryl results. I will make sure to make him really home sick by telling him all the awesome stories when I see him next month. Hopefully he will make a trip west to see us some time.

I am not sure what Water World put in the water that made upper division think that their log weekend started a day early and that they didn’t need to attend practice today. I don’t think I need to name names you know who you are. I know some of you have been at practice on a regular bases and need some extra sleep every once in a while but those of you who spent two weeks down under really need to make as many practices as possible.

Alright keep in mind league is coming up faster than you think only 14 more practices till league weekend. Make sure you take advantage of them.

Coach Josh also wanted me to remind you that all of us coaches will be celebrating the 4th and in order for all of you to do the same we have canceled practice on Monday the 5th.

Have a great holiday

Coach Rich